Milk&Cookie Love

Our lovely BFF’s and fellow candle junkies over at the Milk & Cookie Candle Company have some gorgeous treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We personally think that candles are an amazing gift to receive, especially for Valentine’s Day because they create such a romantic atmosphere.

Cinnamon Red HotsWonderfully hot, and spicy, red hot cinnamon scent, just like the candies.

Chocolate Covered StrawberryWonderfully sweet, deep, decadent chocolate covered strawberry scent..delicious..and very chocolatey.

Yummmmy, they’re making us so hungry.

Not only have they got two new and loved up amazing scents but the Milk & Cookie Candle Company have launched new and super cute cupcake candles, and if anything cakey doesn’t say love than I don’t know what does…

Super cute right?! This one is a special one for Valentine’s Day but the cupcake candles also come in yummy coconut and every other scent available.

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