In the Candlelight: Sydney Hale Company

We’ve decided to do a sort of series here at V&L: “In the Candlelight” is where we’ll feature various brands/companies that do some seriously fabulous candles.
We’re always amazed when we discover new candles and we thought we’d share some of our great finds with you.

First up is the Sydney Hale Co. It is a family owned fragrance house making small-batch candles out of Arlington, VA. USA.
The subtle and unique fragrances are hand-blended in soy wax from American-grown beans and thoughtfully packaged in stylish, reusable containers. Also their candles are made using soy wax and dual vegetable wax coated cotton wicks.
The Sydney Hale Co. are so sweet and donate 10% of the profits from each sale to a local animal rescue organization. Pure cuteness right?! If I was them, I’d be dognapping all the puppies too. 🙂

Here are just a few of their candles that we think we would be insanely yummy!

 “Like the aromas that fill quaint mom and pop coffee shops or your kitchen after a night of entertaining this rich, dark cocoa and bold Espresso leave nothing to be desired.”

 “Sweet agave nectar with Spring’s favorite blossom!”

 “This beachy coconut has a hint of light macadamia and together they are the epitome of Summertime.”

They have silkscreened their glass holders with a beautifully classic apothecary design so that they become a piece you will want to re-use in your home; they make a wonderful drinking glass or a container to hold fresh flowers, q-tips, small office supplies etc.

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