Temptations Black Cherry Coulis and Vanilla & Amaretti Biscuit Candle

Another great bargain find of mine. This lovely candle was only €3.99! I found it in the little random shop that I love that sells EVERYTHING.

I picked it up because I loved the colours and it matched my living room perfectly, but I knew I had to get it because as soon I grabbed it even though it was really well packaged I could still smell it’s amazing scent.

The top layer of the candle is a pretty purple colour and smells of black cherry coulis. We love black cherry candles here at V&L and this scent is just as nice as any other black cherry candles out there.

The second layer of the candle is vanilla and amaretti biscuit, yeah you already know I’m going to say it’s yummy, how could it not be?! It’s a yummy buttery boozey cakey scent.

The candle still has a bit left to burn but it has been burning perfectly and isn’t at all smokey which I love. I’d definitely get one again.

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