B&M Stores Oil Burner Reviewed

I’ve never been in a B&M store before, we have had one in our town for over a year but I’d never gone in. I don’t know why I just never had. I was looking for one of those family organisers and couldn’t find one and thought I’d see if they had one. They didn’t but I started to have a mooch about as I was amazed how much stuff they had in, from linens to food, to toothpaste to candles.

Yes candles.
I wasn’t looking for candles and on this occasion I didn’t buy any as I have loads and I’m trying not to let my husband see just how many I have :-/
I saw these and thought they were really cute and then I saw the price. 99p each! 
So yes I bought two. 
I have tried out both and they both do their job perfectly. The candle base doesn’t have marks for where the candle should sit but it’s pretty obvious isn’t it really? Also I had to pick my way through the ones in store as some were quite marked but really happy with these two purchases. Adds a bit of fun to my collection. I’d be tempted to buy another in a different pattern/style too and at 99p they are one of my best bargains I’ve found. 
Even Sam was surprised and she doesn’t get surprised much!

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