The Milk & Cookie Candle Company Tealights Review

Along with all the amazing wax melting cubes, the Milk & Cookie Candle Company also sent us six tealights in various different scents to try out.

Banana Nut Bread – You know Sam’s crazy and can’t be anywhere near anything with bananas so this one was all for me, not that I’m complaining. It was a really sweet banana scent and it was like peanut butter had been mixed into it; really good. – Sarah

Cappuccino – A really strong coffee scent with a great hit of vanilla, this one really perked us up.

Cotton Candy – This is going to sound so weird, but this one actually smelled pink. Please don’t think us any crazier than we already are, if you try it out you’ll know what we mean. This was a lovely sweet girly scent.

Fudge Brownie – A chocolate fudge brownie scented candle, seriously who would like that?!

Raspberry Lemonade – This smelled real raspberries (not like the fake raspberry syrup scent) with a big hint of really fresh lemons. It made us want some cocktails.

Strawberry Shortcake – This was our favourite! It smelled like real strawberries with a buttery vanilla cake, so freakin good!

As if they don’t all sound amazing, the Milk and Cookie Candle Company have oh only about a million more scents to try out, so you’re easily going to find one (or a million) that you’ll love.

We love these fabulous Eco-friendly candle making people and feel blessed to be working with them.

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