Scentsy Tiara Warmer Review

A while back I had been chatting to a friend on Twitter who was interested in being a sales rep/consultant for a company, and who knew my reply of “I dunno about them but I’ve heard great things about Scentsy…” would lead to great friendships and pretty things.

I won’t bore you will all the soppy details but since then I’ve been lucky to get try Scentsy for the first time ever and have made some great friends, and also bought lots of fabulous Christmas presents too.

As you probably already know I’m quite partial to a wax tart or two (or ten million) and like to have a different scent going everyday and pretty much all the time, this means that I tend to go through tea lights like craaaaazy; two sometimes three a day. Since I got my Scentsy warmer I haven’t used one, they’re genius.

Scentsy warmers are so safe, they’re designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light: (Region 1 (USA/Canada) use a light bulb for heat, warmers in Region 2 (UK/Europe) use an LED light and a heating element.)  It really is a crazy genius idea especially for those with kids or pets or with silly friends who like to pick up the very hot metal dish on your oil burner just “to see what it smelled like!”

Scentsy Tiara Warmer

Look at my fabulous Tiara warmer, it’s like they made it just for me (Princess Samantha!) 😉

See, when it’s on the light shines through and gives such a pretty glow, almost like a night light (which again would be great for kids) I just love it so much. I now wanna get a different warmer for everyday of the week.

I’m so happy with Scentsy and my warmer; great customer service, fabulous consultants, amazing scents and products (the Scentsy Buddies, are so freakin cute!)

The day after I received my lovely products to try out I put in an order for some Christmas presents, seriously that’s how good they are, and they make the perfect gift for anyone. Not only that, but I threw out my (really old and not so pretty) oil burner with the friend burning metal dish on it.

What I love most about my Scentsy warmer is that it does just that, it warms, it doesn’t get hot so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself or someone getting burnt, the wax melts don’t get hot they just melt at a lower temperature and stay warm. Which leads to my second observation, I think that fact that they don’t get super hot means that the scent in the wax lasts longer. I can’t really explain it but I think that maybe higher the temperature the faster the fragrance will evaporate… I’m noticing that I’m not changing my melts as often as I would in my regular oil burner. They’re just great, I’m hooked.

Have you tried Scentsy warmers and wax melts before? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations in a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Scentsy Tiara Warmer Review

  1. I have this burner but find it takes ages for my tarts to burn ? S it because they’re Yankee tarts ? Can you only use scentsy wax in this burner ? ! Xx

    1. Hiya! Yeah we wouldn’t recommend using Yankee in the Scentsy warmers. Yankee tarts are made with a hard paraffin wax, so they take a reeeally long time to melt and they need a higher heat to get all the fragrance out. Scentsy will obviously work really well in a Scentsy warmer but any soy wax melts will work too. Where are you based? I can recommend some great brands for you?

    1. Oh so many great UK brands to choose from, off the top of my head, you could get some great melts from Kiss Air, Oh Flamingo Candles for sure (they’re Melt Crowd Subscription box is always a fun way to get lots of melts), Whicks N Whacks, they’re just some of the top ones we’d recommend and that we buy from a lot. Oh Coco Boho too! What particular scents to like?

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