Candles I Don’t Like??

A fan of Vanilla&Lime recently asked: “Are there any candles you don’t like?”

So I thought I’d answer it here; it’s kind of a tough question.
There are a few scents in candles that I don’t like. I literally can’t handle lavender it gives me the worst headaches ever, which is funny because I’d recommend lavender to people who have headaches or for those in need of some relaxation.

Also I hate anything banana flavoured or scented; if you want to see me reenact gross scenes from The Exorcist then put something bananaish near me, lol. I’ve never liked anything banana even if there’s a trace of banana in something, I’ll be able to smell/taste it.

So when it comes to candles, I won’t buy anything with those in it.

Even if a candle has an amazing scent but turns out to be dodgy; see here, I won’t buy that brand again, why waste money hoping something will eventually work… Those candles have been one of my worst candle experiences so far, so there aren’t really a whole lot of brands that I won’t buy.

I refuse to buy over priced candles that aren’t really worth it. I was once gifted a candle that cost easily three times the most I like to spend on candles; the (crazy) person who bought it for me was obviously fed a lot of sales talk that was far from true when buying it. They were told “lots of essential oils and perfumes, over 150 hours burning time, made so that they wouldn’t get smokey like all other candles, and that you could smell them really well even when they weren’t burning.”

Now I know my candles and trust me if all that stuff was true, I’d have gone and bought ten more. I know how to burn candles, I know how to make them last longer, I know how to keep them from getting too smokey; but that candle burnt for all of about 20 hours if even that, there was no smell off of it when burning which with make me doubt it having “lots of essential oils and perfumes” and even when the wick was super short it smoked like crazy.

That company only had about eight candles along with all their bath and body products at the time, they now have about four different styles of candles in all lots of different scents, one kind even costs $265! Now hopefully they’ve changed how their candles are made because I’d hate to be the candle lover that spends that much on a candle only to highly disappointed and fooled by false advertising and crazy sales people. A candle has to really WOW me to make we want to spend a lot of money on it, but if I came home with a $265 candle, I’d be sent to an insane asylum.

I won’t buy a candle for the sake of buying a candle, but if it smells nice and doesn’t cost a small fortune I’ll probably buy it. I have my favourite brands and love finding new brands to change things up a bit and trust me if you wow me, you’ll never get rid of me.

Some girls buy shoes, some girls buy handbags; I buy candles….shoes and handbags.

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4 thoughts on “Candles I Don’t Like??

  1. I completely agree on your “banana stance”. I can smell a banana a mile away and want to cut off my nose! As for the lavender, it makes me sad because lemon lavender is one of my most favoritest smells! 🙁

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