Woodwick At The Beach Candle Review

Before I start this review for this Woodwick candle I should point out I have had zero luck with any previous wood wick candles. This only made Sam more nervous about me doing the review, when I admitted to her that I wasn’t keen on them. My previous experiences have included the crackling sound to be so loud I found it stressful and distracting, definitely not the soothing experience that I was led to believe would happen. Also the burnt edges from the wick would fall into my candle and I was forever picking bits out.

See? Not the biggest fan.

Bill & Betty at Home sent me the Woodwick At The Beach Candle. I really liked how simple the design was, simple but elegant. It immediately looked at home on my table and taking off the lid I was immediately loving the scent of tropical citrus, creamy coconut and cool sea breezes. I wanted to be back on holiday!


As you will see from the above photo that the wood wick is in a X shape, this is patent pending and I really hope they get it as my previous wood wick candles have all been the straight wood wick but this X shape is MUCH better!

The candle lit very well and although at the start it was very crackly, this soon calmed down to a very quiet crackle. Previous wood wick candles have had loud popping crackling which just made me think the candle was going to explode! I didn’t get that with this one and it burnt down really well and none of the burnt bits fell off whilst it was burning so my candle stayed clean.

I really loved this candle and now I realise that I don’t dislike all wood wick candles, I just needed to find the right one! This one.

There are other scents available too and added to my list to try are Vanilla Bean, Bakery Cupcake and Cinnamon Chai. Postage is just £3.99 from Bill and Betty at Home and this is definitely going to be one of my websites I use for Christmas gifts! They don’t just have candles, there are other bits for the home and a great gifts section. Officially hooked!

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