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Where does the name Vanilla&Lime come from?

Well we love candles (obviously) and we both love citrus and vanilla scents. One of Sarah’s favourite scents when it comes to candles is vanilla and one of mine is lime, so it just made scents…see what I did there?? LOL.

Are there any candles you don’t like?

Have a read of THIS POST and it should answer that question… We’re also quite stubborn so if we have a really bad experience with a candle, we’re more than likely never going to buy that brand again.Having said that if we have a great experience and love a brand, they’ll never get rid of us!

Will you review my candles?

We’d love to! Product reviews are encouraged because nothing beats a first-hand experience of your product, and we are more than happy to promote anything we love. Web junkies are smart and savvy; they get all their tips, tricks and reviews online and do most of their shopping online too. Our reviews are honest, unbiased, informal and fun. Yes we LOVE a lot of candles (good ones, don’t blame us, blame the fab candle makers) but please don’t expect a great review, yes we are giddy and easily excited but we’re honest too. If we have any issues that can be fixed we will contact you before posting a review.

We don’t just review candles. Have a read of our blog and you’ll see the stuff we talk about a lot. See more about our product reviews HERE.

Any more questions or anything, just give us a shout at 2girls@vanillaandlime.com and we can chat.

Anything to disclose?

In the spirit of full disclosure, a very small number of the links included on this blog are affiliate links, which means that we earn a commission based on purchases made through those links. We will always let you know in an article if it had affiliate links. We will always do our best to let our readers know, in an informal way, if and when we are sent products to review or if we’ve bought them ourselves. We have not/do not/will not accept money for candle reviews, we want our fans to know that all our reviews are honest and we don’t get compensated for reviewing a product or products.

What is your natural hair colour?

Sam – Oh jeez, I wish I could remember my natural hair colour, I’ve been dyeing it that long. LOL! I’m naturally strawberry blonde/light auburn (or any other shade that isn’t ginger!) but I dye my hair dark auburn, usually a Clairol Nice N Easy shade. Actually half of my hair is hot pink and has been for many years, I was never really, truly happy with my hair, I always felt like it was missing something, so one day I dyed a small chunk of it hot pink and loved it so much that I took the plunge and dyed the whole underneath half of my hair and I just LOVE it! I seriously will have it forever. My dye of choice is Special Effects Atomic Pink, can’t recommend it enough. I usually do a top up every 3-4 months, the stuff never fades, it’s amazing.

Sarah – Dark brown although you’d never know. I’m always dying my hair too. I don’t have a favourite hair brand. It tends to be whatever I see and fancy at the time I go shopping. I normally go somewhere between a cherry red and a pillar box red.

What is your skin tone?

Sam – Pale, Porcelain, Colourless, Anaemic… You pick. LOL!

Sarah – Medium. I tan easily too.

What type of skin do you have?

Sam – Dry and super sensitive. Actually, my skin, as I’ve gotten older, has gotten a little less dry and sensitive, which is a good thing.

Sarah – Combination and acne scarred. I’ve had periods of dry skin which have been bizarre because it’s against everything I know about my skin!

What is “frosting”?

Frosting is a natural characteristic of soy candles, it is not a flaw, and it is strictly unique to pure soy candles. It is a crystal growth of vegetable oils. Frosting cannot be stopped and it does not affect the scent or the burning of the candle. If you keep the candle out of direct sunlight or artificial lighting, it can help minimize this appearance. Changes in weather and temperature can change it as well. This is just part of the soy candle experience!

What is “tunneling”?

Tunneling is a situation where the wax burns straight down the center of the jar or holder, leaving wax on the side. This is not supposed to happen. Basically your candle was not allowed to achieve a full melt pool. To prevent tunneling make sure that the wick of the candle is ½ inch long. Also remember that soy wax melts at a lower temperature than normal wax, but a big melt pool is important. When first lighting the candle, let it burn long enough to turn the entire top of the candle into liquid.

Burn your candle for a minimum of one hour for every inch of it’s diameter to get it. If your candle DOES tunnel, here are some things to try first… You can always try wrapping the top of the candle in tin foil, leaving an opening at the top, to get the wax on the side to melt while burning. You may have to very carefully remove some of the liquid wax as the candle burns in order to keep the flame from going out in the wax. You can then let the liquid form until it’s around ¼ inch deep. This should decrease the chances of it tunneling in the future.

My soy candle seems to be sweating. What is this? 

Soy wax will sometimes release excess oil, especially during significant temperature changes. Generally, a small pool of moisture will form on the top of the candle. This will not affect the candle in any way and will not usually reappear after the initial burn. To remove the oil, use a paper towel to gently wipe it clean. And always remember to store your soy candles in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

Do you make Coley & Gill products?

Yes I did just write that. We’ve been contacted too many times regarding this brand after writing one review. No, we are not Coley & Gill, I swear! We are two ladies who once purchased a candle and wrote a review about it.  If you have any problems with your Coley & Gill products we’d advise that you bring them back to the store where you purchased them. Please, PLEASE do not send us threatening emails and/or pictures of your phlegm/mucus or any other bodily fluids. (Yes, this happened!) We’re too sweet and innocent to deal with stuff like that lol. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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