Sarah’s Summer Favourites

Ooh it’s been a while since I last did some favourites… thought I’d do a round-up of my favourites through the summer as a catch-up!


Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Miracle

I’ve loved this stuff for ages but I especially love it in the summer as I am lucky enough to tan quite quickly and this really helps to moisturise my skin after a shower/bath. I especially love that I can put it on straight away after I’m out of bath/shower and put it on and then just hang about in my towel/gown for a bit. I mean doesn’t everyone just chill then? Well I do, before the kids/dog finds me haha.

Soap & Glory Hair Wonder Serum

I’ve had this a while and had used it on my hair when it was dry to smooth out any frizz (insert sigh!) and I tried it on wet hair and OMG! I love using salt sea spray on my hair but I’m less keen when it gets all knotted up in my thick hair. So spraying this on my wet hair and leaving it to dry naturally gave me the look of curliness but without the stodgy feel in my hair. Love it.

Revolution Brow Tint

Big fan of the Maybelline one and tried this one as it was on offer (at full price it’s about half the price of the Maybelline one) and have just switched to this one now. Lasts great and gives me a good colour for a couple of days.

L’Oreal Lash Serum

I want to try a lash lift but I started with this as it’s cheaper than getting Revitalash and I did notice a difference within two weeks. My lashes are definitely fuller and towards the end of the summer I got out of the habit of using it. I noticed the difference as my lashes started to not feel or look as full anymore. I’m definitely going to keep up with this and book in for a lash lift soon.

Black Opium Fragrance by YSL

I’ve loved this scent for ages now and I’m always picking up the small mini samples through Feel Unique’s Pick N Mix for my handbag. It’s quite a heady scent and probably not one I’d have thought I’d be using a lot through the summer but I really did! Think it might be the glitter bottle… haha!

Pixi Double Cleanse

I got this at below half price and immediately after using it I wasn’t sure it was really anything that lived up to the hype… as soon as I seemed to tell Sam that I wasn’t sure I’d buy another when this one finished… I realised I was using it morning and night and had then noticed it was really becoming a staple of my routine. I had less hormonal breakouts too which is incredible really.

Tarte Cosmetics Hamptons Weekender Palette

I absolutely love Tarte products. I’d wanted this palette for a while as I love anything that is usable for a treble use! I always find when I use blusher that during the day it just seems to disappear but this one really does stick around. It’s a great palette for travelling and just chucking in your handbag too.

Let me know what you have been loving below 🙂

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