Drowsy Sleep Co. State Of Sleep Pillow Spray Review

This product was gifted to me in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I think it may be because I’m getting older, or perhaps it’s because I’m always working, but I LOVE going to bed, that doesn’t mean I always get a good night’s sleep though. Actually the majority of the time my brain is going bonkers, stressing, planning, and thinking too much, just doing everything but letting me get to sleep. So super annoying.

I’ve tried a lot of natural remedies to try and help me get to sleep quicker, some have helped, some not so much.

When the folks at Drowsy Sleep Co. asked me to take part in their 7 Day Drowsy Challenge, I would test our their State Of Sleep Pillow Spray for seven nights and then do a review, I was pretty much like “YES! YES! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!”

I was willing to try anything that might help.

The State Of Sleep Pillow Spray is made from a blend of powerful oils and is 100% natural. The scent works to trigger smell receptors on your brain that can help you feel less stressed, more relaxed and sleepier. Don’t we all want that?!

It contains Vetiver, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Wild Lavender, each have been proven to help with anxiety, busy minds, sleep stress and breathing. Sound pretty magical right?!

On day one of the challenge I sprayed some on mine and my husband’s pillows, he later commented on how nice his pillow smelled and he never notices things like that. I laid back, took in a few deep breaths and could already feel myself starting to relax. It’s such a calming aroma and really helped me unwind.

I wouldn’t say I fell asleep much quicker than usual but I was so zen and my brain wasn’t going a million miles an hour.

After night two I realised something magical happened, neither of us woke up during the night and in the morning we were both so much more alert.

Usually I’d wake up a few times, I’m always aware of that and it will take me a few minutes to get back to sleep. My husband is the same. So I was thinking over my sleep and asked my husband if I’d gotten up during the night, which would usually wake him up and vice-versa and he was like “no, I don’t think so….Wait! Did I get up during the night?!” He hadn’t either. We were pretty shocked and amazed.  I was convinced it was witchcraft. 😛

I was hooked after that. Three of the seven nights I didn’t wake up at all during the night, and the other nights it was only once or twice and purely because I had to get up.

I think the more I used it the faster I started falling asleep, again it wasn’t instant, but faster than usual and I just loved that I was so much relaxed and calm before I fell asleep and not worrying or overthinking. That to me is AMAZING. It also felt good getting up in the morning, I was more rested and less grumpy.

I finished the seven day challenge and am still using my spray every night. I’ve even started spraying it in my office when I start getting stressed working, it does really help.

Drowsy State of Sleep Spray is hand blended in the UK, using 100% natural, organic and COSMOS approved ingredients. It does not contain any synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances, parabens or phthalates, no controversial chemicals and no GM ingredients.

All ingredients are sourced from ethical suppliers that support biodegradable ingredients using natural colours and fragrances from plants and flowers and they never test on animals.

If you good do with a good night’s sleep and need to relax more and stress less, head on over to Drowsy Sleep Co. and treat yourself to some State Of Sleep Spray, oh and have a look at some of the comments on there, I got emotional reading some.

I was gifted my bottle but I know for certain I will be repurchasing and I’m going to buy some as gifts too.

You can also find Drowsy Sleep Co. on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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