Sarah’s May Favourites

May Favourites

So I’ve noticed that Sam regularly puts food favourites in and I’ve no idea why I don’t… I love food! Anyway, May was a good month for me finding new chocolate obsessions. Firstly, the white chocolate Twix is simply the dream! Dare I say that I probably love it more than the milk chocolate one. Also anyone else remember Flipz? I love that they are back on a revival at the moment. Chocolate covered salted pretzels are really the dream. The dark chocolate ones are fab but the white chocolate fudge ones are probably my favourite, but I ate them before I could take this photo. There’s definitely a white chocolate theme.

Onto the rest;

Caudalie Vinoperfect Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream

I’ve become more self conscious over dark spots I’ve had on my face since pregnancy and I think some are acne scars too. This has really worked to make them get less dark and some are smaller too. It’s not a quick fix (I wasn’t looking for one though) but I’ve seen a lot of change in 8 weeks. It isn’t quite a thick face cream though so you don’t need a lot which will make this pot last a while.

Soap & Glory Fresh Hair Supply

I bought a few of the new range of hair products from Soap & Glory and I’ll be honest this was the one that I looked at when I got home and thought why did I buy this? I tend to do that ‘spritz perfume in the air and walk through’ move so wasn’t sure I’d have a need for this. So, when we had some beautiful sunshine in May we decided to have an impromptu BBQ.  I’d washed my hair that morning and I dunno why but smoke seems to just extra soak into my hair and all I could smell for hours after was smoke in my hair. I grabbed this bottle and spritzed it and hoped that it would be a temporary fix and then I’d wash it again in the morning. My hair had that gorgeous Soap & Glory scent for a few days and I didn’t need to ruin my haircare routine. Winning!

Maui Moisture Colour Protection Shampoo

I had my eye on these for a while but they seemed to always be full price, I noticed I got an offer on these through my advantage card so I bought this one. Gawd, it smells incredible. It is the thickest and almost goo-like shampoo I’ve ever tried and it definitely needs a good shake before you use it. But there’s no nasties in this and it’s become my go-to shampoo now which is high praise as I have few favourites. I want to try one of the conditioners next too.

Next Rouge Absolue Fragrance

I have mentioned this before but I finally found it in a smaller size which is super handy to have in my handbag.It’s a great dupe for Armani’s Si and Elizabeth Arden’s Always Red – I love both of these! My only bad habit now is that I use the smaller one more than the full size one now, hahaha!

Stojo Reusable Collapsible Cup

I’ve a few reusable cups as I feel this is a necessity for those of us who frequent cafe shops as freelancers and I love having a mug of coffee on my dog walks. Because this one collapses this is not one for storing your drink in for later! This is so it’s easy for you to carry around and I’ve used it probably every day since I got it in April. I love that I can pop it back into the dishwasher to give it a proper clean at the end of the day. The picture above shows it collapsed down, I’ll do another post about the cup soon.

Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Mask

I’d seen this recommended on social media for helping with breakouts. I’m nearing my 40’s but I still have hormonal breakouts on my chin and I’ve been using this on my chin, alongside my Clue app that tells me when I’m due to ovulate which is prime breakout time for me and I’ve noticed I still have a slight breakout but nothing like it used to be. Most of that is getting the exact time right of when to use it. I’ve also used it to spot reduce and it’s really helped reduce the redness. Pot is huge too and as I just use it on my chin, it’ll last me months.

What have you been loving recently?

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