10 tips that have helped me to read more books

I absolutely love to read but I am also aware that I have splurges of reading books and other times it can be weeks before I read again. Over the past 4 months I’ve become a more regular reader and I’ve worked on a couple of tips to get better at it. It is something that I can devote time to, I know that we are all busy but I do enjoy reading and it’s one of my favourite ways to escape stress. So here are some tips for how I’ve become a more regular reader…

tips for reading

Pick a good book

Obviously! Read reviews, take recommendations from friends, your favourite author/genre. It is so much easier to read consistently when you can really get into the book. I love the books that you start reading at 10pm as you just get into bed and are still reading beyond midnight. Hooked!


I’ll admit I’ve only really just started to get into audiobooks as I preferred reading an actual book (*either paper or kindle) but audiobooks are great for when I commute or I’m out walking the dog. I love listening to autobiographies and especially when they are narrated by the author that it’s about. Normally I can read an autobiography in their voice but this way I don’t have to imagine it myself. Sounds weird but it’s like for a couple of hours that I actually know them.

*I stand pretty divided on the paper or kindle version of the book. I tend to go with whichever is cheapest. I donate my paper books when I’ve finished with them to the local charity shop, I always end up bringing more books home with me though!

Read a series

I always remember reading the Harry Potter series, having to wait for the next book to be released. To sit and read the book in a day so that you didn’t see any spoilers about what happened before you finished it. I feel that reading a series is so much easier to get into, I did the same with the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

Favourite authors

When you know the style of writing that you enjoy, it’s worth getting to know when the next book by your favourite author(s) is out. I love Jodi Picoult books, I love the intrigue in her writing. I also love Milly Johnson and Trisha Ashley, they write such easy to read books and I always feel like I could fit into their books.

Smaller reads

I like to read smallish reads but I have been reading Michelle Obama’s book and that is one big book! Don’t get me wrong, she’s a really insightful lady and I am getting a lot of value back from reading it but it was quite daunting to start. But when I have finished it, I will definitely go back to reading a smaller read.

Read/Listen to one book at a time

I can’t have more than one book at a time. I also cannot read a physical book and then listen to the audio of another at the same time. One at a time. I feel I get through more books when I concentrate on one book.

Routine Reading

I love to read before bedtime and I think having a regular routine helps you read more.  I am too busy in the mornings to have a regular routine of reading then. I do love listening to an audiobook when I’m out walking the dog, but if I’m not audiobook’ing then I’ll listen to podcasts instead.

Book club

I have to admit I have always loved the idea of joining a book club but never joined one. Then I saw that Beth Sandland had started one and I joined in with it last month on Facebook and it was so much fun! Looking forward to talking about the latest book this month.

Visit a book shop

I love book shops and I do like to have a browse, particularly if they also sell stationery too. It’s a great way to have a look at book covers, does anyone else choose a book based on a cover?


Like the book shop above, it is always good to have a look at your local library. If you choose to borrow a book then you have a deadline to finish the book (or you can extend it) but I found this made me read a book more regularly. The only downside is of course they might not have the book that you wanted or there might be a waiting list if the book is really popular.


These have helped me to read more and to get through my list of books that I want to read. Do you have any tips?

Most importantly, do you have any book recommendations? 😉

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