16 things about Instagram

This list didn’t actually start out as a list, it was more of a look at why everyone fusses over Instagram. We get it, we really do. I think I just wanted to look at it in more detail and do my own sort of research. Some of this might be useful to you and other parts maybe not. Our ideal posting time for example, is not really going to prove helpful but it’s there.

This is more my 16 weird and wonderful finds about Instagram.

1. Our audience is most active after 8 o’clock UK time so we should post around that time. We get the US traffic through the early hours too so it’s always a nice boost the following morning.

2. It makes no difference if the hashtags go in the photo description or in the first comment. It does make a difference if you don’t add any hashtags! Also you need to add the hashtag after the first few minutes for Instagram to put you into those hashtag descriptions.

There is no point commenting with the hashtag on someone’s post or on your own after these first few minutes – save your fingers!

3. Posting without being active on Instagram stories does show a decrease visibility and activity is definitely decreased. You don’t need to post when the photo is uploaded to the grid but as long as there is at least one story it does make a difference.

4. Get active in the hashtags that you use on your posts. This did see an increase in likes and visibility. This is a great way to build organic followers who actually LIKE your content and don’t want to run off as soon as you’ve liked their content back.

5. Spam is still rife! The comments by bots are so obvious but sometimes I’ve just commented with a simple this is fab I thought it probably doesn’t look genuine enough. I’ve heard different things about a certain amount of words makes you seem less spammy – but I’d say the spam comments are really obvious and a simple “This is fab” when the content is fab is not going to be punished. Commenting about computers when someone’s photo and caption is about dogs is where you’ll get blocked. Obviously, doh.

6. People are still stealing content and it is so easy to credit but apparently too difficult for some. There are a load of bloggers share accounts who credit correctly don’t be concerned to not join in with these! We have featured in a few of these and these are great for organic followings.

7. There is a slight drop in activity obviously when we don’t post frequently. It’s nothing major and I like to spend the time to catch up on things I’ve missed in the activity section and go through and do some comments. I’d rather not just post a picture for the sake of it. When we do then post again, we’re still seen as active so the next post doesn’t drop in activity.

8. Keeping active on stories when you’re not posting on the grid does help.

9. I always check the app every day I also tend to spend about 10 to 15 minutes liking and commenting I could easily spend anywhere from 2 hours on stories though I feel some times this is more worthwhile than the grid.

10. Longer captions on photos seem to do better but there’s not a lot of difference on the shorter captions.

11. I still see people just using random hashtags in their content. Baffles me.

12. So many small businesses are still not including the link in their bio then posting links and captions and comments which are not clickable. Obvious mistake.

13. I used the vote system on our Instagram to see if there was a genuine interest in stories now than on the grid. Because I know I prefer (and spend more time) watching stories rather than scrolling through. It was a very big swing towards stories, makes sense that this becomes more of a focus. Personally I’d scrap the “likes” number game and work more on comments, I think that would help the small business community immensely.

14. My bathroom is the best place to take photos. When you find your best place you’ll be setting up in there for a while to take a load of photos at once. Or… like what happens with me, I just take a photo in a rush and hope the filters will help me out. Take the photo used in this blog post, it will be filtered bright for Instagram… because that’s what we do. Right?!

15. Instagram doesn’t actually matter. Sure, I know brands want visibility on it and you’ll feel under pressure to copy other bloggers/businesses that have achieved more than you. Honestly, it’s more about YOU. You are the most important person in it. Not an app. You are what makes YOUR blog/business brilliant.

16. Yes, the alogorithm sucks! We’ve all heard, seen and talked about it. Honestly, everyone who is trying to get more actual views on their content should do it with a mailing list. Relying on social media should never be the only route.

Who knows what the rest of 2018 will bring to my brain about Instagram 😉

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