Sarah’s March Favourites

It’s flying by this year – it’s crazy how fast!

My March favourites are-

Pomegranate candle from Aldi

Did you even go into Aldi if you don’t pick up one of their Jo Malone dupe candles?! I’ve always got at least one “in stock” at home haha. I’m also a lover of a two wick candle… why have one wick when you can have two… or more!

Pink Prosecco Candle from Next

Gawd this smells SO good – I love a good boozy candle smell. It’s not the best candle for burning though, it did burn down but left a lot of wax at the sides. I used the foil trick to help but for the scent it was worth it. Just wish some of the high street brands stopped mass producing some of their products and tested them properly. I wouldn’t buy this as a gift for someone else but for me, I’d get it again but probably try and grab it on offer. I also really like the jar.

Malteser chocolates

I love maltesers and these little individually wrapped chocolates are yummy. These are just like the ones in the Celebrations box. They are not for sharing though, why would you share?!

Bellapierre banana setting powder

I got this in a Glossybox last year and I’d use it as a finishing powder. But I read on Instagram how it could be used for spot correction and to counteract any redness. The yellow (banana) was also great to be used as a base eyeshadow. It’s pretty pricey but with more uses it’s been quite handy!

Eylure Emma Willis lashes

I’ve always liked Eylure products and I do love the Fleur De Force eyelashes but I was really intrigued about Emma Willis’ ones. They are so good. I find them so easy to apply and they are reusable too.

Garnier Face Masks

I love a sheet mask! I feel that I am slightly addicted to them now. I use one every couple of days and I like to use a variety of brands. Garnier ones are my favourites but I’ve tried the Primark ones and they really are good for the price too.

Garnier Micellar Oil

I feel that I don’t call this a “favourite” as much as I should. I use it everyday and have done for well over a year now. It’s so good to remove my eye makeup with and even waterproof mascara. When I can’t be bothered/too tired/too drunk to properly cleanse my face then I’ll use just this. I never feel like it’s done a bad job at all. Also I love transferring it into a little bottle and the kids seeing how the oil sits on the top… skincare and science!

Champneys Detox Muslin Cloths

I love my Primark mitts for taking make up off with but they can be tricky for travelling as they are thicker and not great for drying. I got these when they were cheaper than the Boots own brand ones. They are a good size and they’ve a really good exfoliating layer to them. They also dry quicker!

Sudoku puzzle books

Everyone is always going on about getting away from screens. It’s pretty difficult to do my actual job without being at a screen but I do love my sudoku books. I try to do a couple a day with a piece of cake too haha.

Sleek eyeshadow palette – Storm

I do love an eyeshadow palette and I completely fell in love with this one from Sleek. It came in my Glossybox and I wasn’t sure at first that I would like it but I REALLY do. I also feel that I can relate a lot to the names of the individual colours based on different types of storm. It’s quite like a personality palette.

Miss Patisserie bath balls

I wouldn’t say I’ve fallen out with Lush bath bombs BUT their store that is nearest to me is all the way down the opposite side of town so I have less excuse to pop in. I can easily pick up the Miss Patisserie ones in Boots and even the Ziggy one (with the gold) didn’t leave my bath in a glittery gold mess afterwards. I’ve just started to prefer using them and they do leave my skin super soft.

Not in the photo:

Justin Timberlake – Man Of The Woods

It has almost been on repeat since it came out. It’s rare for an album to make me listen to it that much. Foo Fighters are probably the only other recent album that statement would also apply to.

Queer Eye

If you’ve seen it, then you know. If you’ve not seen it, then you’re probably tired of people telling you to see it. You should definitely watch it. I can’t wait for the next series!


What have you all been loving?

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