Sarah’s January Favourites

So after the longest January EVER I can finally talk about my favourites. It feels like I’ve a LOAD of favourites for my face so I’m going to talk through those first and then later on come onto my more lifestyle favourites.

My skin has been the best it’s ever been recently.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue  Hydrating Gel Cream

I have loved this stuff for a while back it’s back into my everyday makeup now as I have been looking through my skincare and makeup for products with SPF. I hardly have any! But this has a SPF of 30 which is awesome. I know the weather isn’t hot here but I know that even on a cloudy day, the sun is still there. He doesn’t disappear!The blurb;

“Created to do more with less, Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream packs a powerful punch as a moisturiser, foundation and SPF, all in one. Touted as a tinted moisturiser – but also adored as a daily moisturising foundation for many – this mighty little mineral makeup tube provides the wonderfully hydrating benefits of both BB cream and CC cream with powerful SPF 30 to reveal a naturally radiant finish that’s always photo-ready.

Perfect for busy women and mums on-the-go, our award-winning tinted moisturiser can double as face primer, makes a lovely, lightweight foundation for a day at the beach, and also provides a gorgeous a post-workout glow”

Find out more HERE.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids vs Unicorns

I got this in a Glossybox* back in October last year. I have had to keep this palette away from my daughter BUT I have let her have a few eyeshadow looks for her ballet with it – under supervision. Her new thing is to take my makeup brushes…

Anyway, I’ve been using the purples a lot recently, it’s definitely my colour but I have started with the colours more on the left recently. I guess I am more of a Unicorn with a wannabe Mermaid vibe!

Check out the palette on Superdrug (they always have offers on) HERE

Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Cleansing Oil

I have been loving Sanctuary Spa products recently and I mentioned this last year. I was also lucky enough to be given a few of their gift sets for Christmas which has been amazing. My family and friends do know me well!

I talked about this before in my October favourites but I am STILL raving about it so it has to have another mention as it has made such a difference to my nighttime routine and makes my skin so soft after.

The blurb;

“Our Ultimate Cleansing Oil melts away daily dirt & make-up in moments. The special blend of 4 oils leaves your skin feeling beautifully clean & soft with no greasy residue”

Find out more HERE

Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil

Sort of the same reasons as above but this stuff leaves my face SO smooth. It makes putting my primer and makeup on so much easier and I am actually finding I am liking more rose-based scents…

The blurb;

“Keep skin calm and hydrated with Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil – a 100% natural, skin-strengthening rose oil for the face, which works hard to protect sensitive and red complexions.”

I have noticed that it has calmed down a lot of my rosy cheekiness that I had too. I got this in the M&S advent calendar – so much good stuff!

Find out more HERE

M&S Formula Radiance Boosting Tonic

I have been really impressed with everything I have tried so far with the Formula range from M&S. This is really good and it’s going to be my go-to for sure now. I’d been using the Garnier range before which were ok but I think my skin had got sort of used to them, they didn’t really make a difference any more if that makes sense.

The blurb;

“This one step exfoliating Radiance Boosting Tonic instantly reveals a radiant, smoother complexion, leaving skin perfectly prepared for your regime.

Results: After use your skin feels toned and firmed with hyper pigmentation and age spots reduced.
5% glycolic acid. Pores appear refined. Instantly brightens

Find out more HERE

Nuxe Facial Exfoliating Gel with Rose Petals

I’ve had this for a while and I have to say I used it the other weekend and maybe because of the other additions to my skincare routine (see above) but it really helped brighten up my skin. It gave me a very natural glow and I didn’t need to use highlighter the next day. I wouldn’t want to use it every day and I don’t really think that I need to but it’s been a handy little addition.

Find out more HERE

Onto more lifestyle favourites now.

Ashleigh & Burwood Rhubarb & Wild Gooseberry Fragrance

I bloody love my two Ashleigh & Burwood lamps and I’m forever changing the fragrances UNTIL I found the Rhubarb & Wild Gooseberry fragrance. It’s so good, it makes me want to bake (not a bad thing) makes me want to eat (always!) and it’s a scent that no one else moans about – yay!

The blurb;

“This delightfully quirky fragrance is both fruity and earthy, a wonderful combination that is evocative of home-cooked delights and visiting that favourite relative who’s a dab hand with a rolling pin and some home-grown treats. That distinctive scent of cooked rhubarb blends perfectly with the natural smell of gooseberry that will instantly get your mouth watering. Crisp apple and fragrant pear are present too, with the breezy accord of violet drifting throughout the fragrance”

I did bulk buy this when I saw it because my first sniff of it made me literally want to buy it all but I’ve not seen it since. Hope they’ve not stopped it as I may cry!

Link HERE but currently out of stock

Pistachio Macaron by Waxbox

Waxbox very kindly sent me a box of their new soy wax melts to try before Christmas and they were all so good. They have a load of fun and favourite scents and I love their labels too. I had saved the pistachio macaron one as it was one of the non-Christmas ones but I was so damn intrigued by it! Anyway, it is as lovely as you could imagine and really made me want to have pistachio macarons!

You can get a subscription box of their melts and purchase their melts separately through their website HERE. They also have a subscription box option where you can sample out different wax brands.

Sainsbury’s TU Grey Over the Shoulder Bag

I have too many bags. I know this is the case and don’t mind being called a bag lady so when my friend bought this bag for me for Christmas I was a bit confused as she knows I have too many. She was majorly enabling my habit!

Let me explain. I like a bag that has pockets. I don’t like a bag where there is a lot of room for me to just dump things into and never be found again. I like being organised. So, when you lift up the bag flap there is one compartment and then at the front THREE ZIPPED COMPARTMENTS. I was in absolute love with it and I’ve used it every day since. It’s not the biggest bag but I have been able to fit an iPad Mini in it securely.

It is out of stock online but I know it’s in their sale for about £5… GET IT! Well, you don’t have to but they have a load of great stuff that’s worth buying/looking at.


I signed up to this before Christmas as I’d seen on social media a few people had been getting money off or free food items to try. It does seem to focus more on Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA and Waitrose but I’ve had offers and freebies on bread, noodles, protein cereals, cloudy lemonade, chocolate bars and more. You can sign up for free HERE* and get a free Lindt chocolate bar with my code xy7cy!

Leighton Denny Nail Polish – Liquid Silver

I do love a silver nail polish. I’m very into my greys and silvers for my nails at the moment. This is SUCH a beautiful colour and I’ve been impressed with how well these last. Believe me, if a nail polish can cope with a day into town and on the Metrolink then it’s a winner! I’ve had at least 5 days wear which is great as my nails grow pretty quickly so I need to remove and start again by then anyway.

This is the colour HERE.

Next Rouge Absolue Eau De Toilette

I had seen reviews saying that this perfume was a good dupe for Armani Si and Elizabeth Arden’s Always Red – note the packaging is very similar to the latter one. I think it is more like Armani Si but the thing I really love is that some dupes can be really quick to fade but not this one! It lasts all day and it’s great value too for £14 for 100ml.

Find out more HERE

Soaper Duper Shea Butter Body Wash

I got this in the December Glossybox* and I fell absolutely in love with the dreamy scent and how smooth it made my skin. I have loads of shower/body washes to use up but when I do I will be getting some more of this for sure because it is damn good. The other thing I love about it is that you can get all their products in Tesco. Fab!

Find out more HERE.

Winter Oranges by La Montana Candles

I had been saving the very last of this Winter Oranges candle. This month I decided to light it up and enjoy those zesty oranges again. You know that we are not seasonal wax people here and love to mix up our scents through the year. This is such a fabulous candle and if you love your orange scents then this is a great one for you! We’d totally burn this in the spring, summer and of course the autumn as well as in winter!

Find out more HERE

So that’s it… that’s quite a lot but I’ve not done one of these for a while so there was a lot to cover!

Thanks for reading.

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