The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles Review – September – GRL PWR

The Melt Crowd is a monthly wax subscription box from Flamingo Candles. Each box contains eight delicious Scent Melts. The individual fragrances are a surprise – they include a combination of old favourites, current scents, new yet-to-be-launched scents and scents exclusive to The Melt Crowd. With your first box as a member of The Melt Crowd, you’ll receive a wax burner, to ensure you’re fully ready to explore Flamingo Candles’ amazing scents. You’ll also get a 20% discount code too with every box.

The September box coincided with the launch of Flamingo’s new collection of GRL PWR candles. Empower and celebrate your best gal pals or get one for some self-love! These statement candles come in millennial pink and red designs with yummy fragrances that make these candles so babein!

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So what scents were in the September box?

“You Deserve A Whole Sheet Of Gold Stars” / Thunderstorm“Masculine and earthy, Thunderstorm forms top notes of ozone, melon and soil, leading to a floral heart and woody base notes of patchouli, peat and amber.”

Sarah – This one has never been a favourite of mine and it’s always smelled a little damp and uninviting to me. Perhaps the best description of a thunderstorm.

Sam – This is a very unusual scent. I definitely can smell the peat and the soil elements and weirdly enough I can smell some watery elements, like damp ground after it rains.

Thunderstorm wouldn’t be a scent I would personally go for, but I think that anyone who likes quite earthy fragrances would love this.

“You Are Magical” / Bubblegum“Sweet and delicious, our Bubblegum fragrance is a sugary delight. A blend of fruit and sugar, this fun moreish flavour transports you right back to childhood days blowing bubbles. This is the perfect girly fragrance full of sweetie goodness.”

Sam – This reminds me of Bazooka Gum from my childhood, remember it? It had little comics in it. It’s a really sugary, sweet aroma that just makes me so happy.

Sarah – Very fun and sweet. Definitely a favourite from this box. With the Candy Floss & Pear Drops and this one, they definitely need adding to the Candy Shop collection.

“Shine Bright”/ Old Books

Sarah – There is something quite immediate about sniffing an old book and you get that smell of history but… it didn’t work in a scent melt for me at all. I like the one-off sniff of this smell but it’s not something I’d choose to melt.

Sam – I don’t quite know what to make of this scent, I don’t hate it, it’s just very confusing. I don’t think it smells like old books but can get the similarities. I think it smells quite masculine, perhaps it’s more of an old man scent rather than an old books scent?

“Sleep Under The Stars” / Cherry Amaretto“A fruity sweet scent with notes of nutty almond, cherry, brandy and lemon.”

Sam – Anything cherry is always a winner for us, this scent is so yummy and makes me really hungry/happy. This has the aroma of almonds, sorta like marzipan, with notes of ripe, juice cherries!

Sarah – Cherry scents always make me happy. Mixed up with some amaretto and I’m in love. This was such a deep, warming, vibrant and strong smell that is perfect for the colder and darker evenings.

“All The Flamingo Ladies” / Lime & Black Pepper

Sarah – This was definitely the stand out scent for me from this box as I wasn’t sure at all whether I would like it. But I loved how much the juiciness of the lime mixed with the pepper. It made such a fruity but spicy scent, it really gave it such a kick!

Sam – This is such a zingy, invigorating and fresh scent. The aroma of tart, zesty, fresh lime with a warm spicy kick of pepper, it’s the perfect scent to perk you up.

“You Got This” / Black Raspberry & Vanilla“Sweet and fruity, Black Raspberry & Vanilla is a delicious scent of ripe raspberries with hints of strawberry, sandal, jasmine, vanilla and musk.”

Sam – The tartness of the ripe black raspberries in this scent is well balanced by the rich vanilla vanilla note, making it very fruity without being too sweet. The jasmine adds a really feminine element, and the musk adds like a kick of spice to it, I would love this scent as a perfume

Sarah – This was one of the first scents that I bought all those years ago when I first ordered some Flamingo Candles products. It’s still one of my favourites and I’ve plenty stashed away too. I love the deep raspberry scent being sweetened with the vanilla.

“Super Duper” / Lilac

Sarah – One of my favourite Flamingo Candles floral scents as I’m not really much of a floral fan at all. It’s good because it’s not overpowering and can create the lovely illusion that you’ve put some fresh lilacs into your home too. I often use this when we have guests coming over and I scent out the spare room with this.

Sam – I’m not a big fan of floral scents but this one is quite soft and gentle. Lilac is a sweet, feminine fragrance and it’ll make it seem like those, luscious purple flowers are blooming right inside your home.

“Goal Digger” / Banana Pancakes“A warm and delicious edible smelling fragrance of sweet homemade pancakes and creamy mashed banana.”

Sam – Y’all know by now that I just can’t handle anything banana scented so this one will be going to Sarah’s house. But no doubt that Flamingo probably nailed this banana pancake combo.

Sarah – This was one of the favourites that my kids loved from last year’s boxes. It’s still smelling more like banana cakes than banana pancakes to me but it’s still really yummy. Does make you want to bake!

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