Sarah’s August Favourites

Sarah's August Favourites

I am really liking the way that we are doing our monthly favourites but realised is it obvious to you? There will always be a monthly favourites but we are taking it in turns so Sam did July, I’m doing August and Sam will do September and so on. It works out a being a personal two month favourites but I think you get much more of a real idea of the products we have loved in that time. I have quite a bumper selection of a variety of products this month. No skincare this month as I’m working my way through a load of samples.

Anyway. Get on with it;

Sun-Kissed Raspberry Wax Melt from Kiss Air Candles

I’ve mentioned this scent and Kiss Air Candles many a time before and every summer it’s one that I absolutely adore. I do sometimes have it on at other times of the year too but I feel summer really is the time for the tartness of a raspberry. They released their Prosecco scent recently and OMGEE mix these two together and you have the perfect sparkly and bubbly scent. This could also be a great scent just after Christmas, everything settling back ready to welcome the New Year. Lovely.

Lemon & Cherry Wax Melts from The Bronte Candle Company

I’ve often mixed these two scents together before myself but I had never seen them actually mixed and sold together! As soon as I saw they were going to be stocking these, I had to get them. It’s been a little while since I ordered these but I’ll be back to grab some more soon. Really is a mix of two of my very favourite scents, together and mixed so that you really can smell each one. It really made me want to make sweet pies.

They have a LOAD more fab stuff in recently too, I’m definitely planning another restock before Christmas!

Collection Illuminating + Reviving Eye Primer

When I did my e.l.f. order (see below) I had been looking for their version of this as people said it was close to the Urban Decay version for obviously less price. Anyway, at the time they didn’t have it but I noticed that this one had 5 stars so thought I’d give it a go as it was about £3.50 I think. Tried it and now I absolutely love it. I have such creasable eyes (that’s totally a thing!) and this has made me not have to even double check mid-way through the day to make sure i’ve not got a second eyeline in my crease. Ugh! Would still like to try the e.l.f. one anyway.

e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer

Now we do love our primers and the Urban Decay one has always been our Queen. I say always… I’m full on switched now to this version. The texture is the same, even the smell seems the same and it does exactly what the UD version does… not make my make up slip or fade away. My only slight issue with it is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell how much is left. The bottle has a sort of frostedness to it and it’s not really getting much lighter. Will have to stock up ready soon.

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

We love our Feel Unique pick n mix monthly packages and as soon as I saw the mascara I was immediately intrigued. I have to admit I do sit in the fairly low-end in comparison to this one with my favourites being Maybelline. I was a little surprised at the brush for this because it looked fairly clumpy but it really grabbed my lashes well and kept them looking fabulous ALL DAY! It’s a good buildable mascara, depending on your needs for the look but it was easy to go for a more dramatic look. I am probably going to get the full version when I see any good offers or spend some beauty points maybe!

Sleek Dip It Eyeliner

I got the recent Sleek set which you got for spending £12 and over. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was this eyeliner because for a very long time I have been a kohl pencil girl and nothing more. I found that eyeliner pots were too wet for me (haha!) and it needed a steady hand and I was forever making a mess. But as I have really been liking Sleek recently I thought I would give it a go. I was surprised, SO surprised. I think I must have checked my eyes about a hundred times that day so surprised that it had smudged or gone wonky. Amazing!

Used with the Lancome mascara also brought some fabulous dramatic looks!

Poundland Make Up Gallery Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder

I had watched a lot of YouTubers doing their Poundland, Primark, Home Bargains, High Street make up hauls and I picked up a few bits from Poundland that people have liked. The pressed powder seemed like a good option for me to try and I’ve been a real lover of the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for yonks but the cheap packaging of it has always annoyed me. Now I was getting a powder for £1 that had some good sturdy packaging. I also thought the packaging looked a little like Illamasqua’s…

Anyway, the powder did what a powder should and I didn’t need to reapply it at all during the day through the summer which was impressive. My only problem with it is that most Poundland make up displays are left pretty empty and I’ve not seen a powder in either of the two stores local to me. As soon as I do, I’m bulk buying!

Rhodia Dot Pad

As you many know I LOVE a bit of stationery and recently I have added a few new bits to my collection. I’ve always wanted to try a Rhodia pad but I am fairly fussy now that I like a dot grid and although I will cope with lined paper I do enjoy a dotted grid. WHSmith regularly have the Rhodia pads in but never in dotted *sobs* so I ordered them online elsewhere. I bought the A5 (not pictured) which is perfect for keeping on my desk and the one that is pictured above is the No 12 which is perfect for my handbag. As expected I do love them but I think for now I’ll be keeping my Leuchtturm 1917 as my bullet journal.

Lamy Cartridges in Violet and Turquoise

I have bought two Lamy Safari pens recently and I absolutely love them, they are lightweight and I got them with a fine nib so that I could work on some calligraphy workbooks. I love that you can get so many different coloured inks and naturally bought a violet and the turquoise is such a fun colour to use too.

Papanga hair bands

I got these papanga hair bands in a recent GlossyBox and at first I thought they looked a little like a fad product but LIFE CHANGER! I have thick hair and it is pretty long now and I love being able to put my hair up away from my face when I’m working and not worry about a hairband that might pop out and I don’t want to use grips to keep back bits of my hair. I tried the grey of the two pictured above and couldn’t believe that they didn’t snap and also they didn’t snap the day that my kids found them and used them to fire at each other across the room. Tut. One evening I noticed how out of shape my grey band had become and I had ordered some other colours by now and also some for my daughter too. I left the grey one on the side, I think in my mind I didn’t actually want to get rid of it and I’m happy I didn’t. A few days later I found the grey band again and noticed that it had shrunk back to almost it’s original size. That’s the difference in the photo above. I’m now not buying any other hairband.

Robinsons REFRESH’D Raspberry & Apple Spring Water with Real Fruit

I love flavoured water and if I need to do a meal deal I will probably head to Boots because their selection of fruit waters is amazing. I tried this one and I was hooked, I have tried the other flavours but this one really is good and would always be my first choice.

Ray Donovan – Season 5

This series can be quite a tough watch at times and this season has been different to that but still a tough watch. I don’t want to give anything away but it’s involved someone very close to Ray and a lot of flashbacks and heartache. It wasn’t where I was expecting the series to go but I have still enjoyed it. Also Susan Sarandon has turned up in it and she’s one of my favourite people.

Manchester United

August saw the return of the Premier League season and as a season ticket holder my season also tends to be changing according to fixture lists. I wouldn’t change it, it’s been a great way to meet people from all over the world, also it’s led me to travel too and I do become a little football obsessed. I know Sam isn’t so I try to limit how much I talk about it but she does always seem to like the blue team from Manchester. Instantly gets a grumpy emoji reply from me. Haha!


That’s all from me and this rather long list.

What products have you been loving recently? Link us up to see your “favourites” too!

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