Sanctuary Spa Mini Reviews

I’ve always loved to pick up travel mini’s for holidays for obvious reasons but recently I’ve noticed a lot more variety in products available and I’ve been buying them as a tester before buying a bigger full size product. Mostly they are between £1-2 so it’s a bargain and sometimes there will even be a 3 for 2 on as well. More bargains.

I grabbed these Sanctuary mini’s in Boots with more necessary travel mini’s like deodorants and shampoos. But a few beauty treats are always a necessity right?I also picked up the Illuminating Whipped Moisture Creme with SPF travel size as it intrigued me as Sam and I had been having a discussion about using creams with a SPF in – I couldn’t actually think of any at the time that I had that actually did! Anyway, I picked this up for that reason. It’s got a lovely refreshing smell that really woke me up in the mornings. I used this just as I got out of the shower to keep myself on the routine for my morning skincare. It also made my primer work better and on some occasions when I forgot to use my primer it didn’t matter that I had.

Full size price – £15.50

Repurchase – Yes. It might sound really weird to need a SPF in the UK but even though the weather has been so random this summer we have still had some of the highest temperature records. I’ve also noticed that the sun has felt hotter… must be that climate change thing that ‘someone forever avoids to listen to’. It’s not a myth that the sun can burn you even when it’s behind a cloud. I need to think more about my own SPF levels. I have no issue with smothering my kids regularly in sun creams but I’m probably not as good with doing my own.

I’d probably still only buy this on offer like the previous one but I’m going to take the SPF lesson for sure and investigate more.

Then we have the Overnight Face and Neck Creme travel size. I have to confess that it’s only been more in the last year or so that I’ve taken my nightly skincare routine down to my neck and to the décolletage. Such a posh word!

I found this cream to be really quick to absorb into my skin and I did feel it left my skin smooth. I did try using a little extra and using it more like a face mask with a thin layer and then just before bed I would use my fingertips to rub the last bits in. It did work and I felt that this had better results for me than using it and just rubbing it in straight away.

Full size price – £15.50

Repurchase – Yes. But not for it’s supposed use. I’d use it more as a mask. Would only pick it up on offer though.

What’s your favourite travel mini?

Any recommendations for SPF creams and lotions?

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