Candle Spa – Pomegranate & White Fig Reed Diffuser Review

I have written about Candle Spa before and their Pomegranate & White Fig Candle which I loved. I was intrigued that they had sent me the Reed diffuser to review in the same scent but I didn’t expect for different aspects of the scent would come forward. There was also the POREX e-reeds that I’d never tried before.

A reminder of the scent description:

A stylish and beautiful blend of Exotic fresh fig fruit, green fig leaf, pink pepper, cardamom, frankincense and citrus, leading to a heart of clove, patchouli, lily, blended with fruity blackcurrant, warming amber and woody fig bark.

As you will have read I said that the candle scent was more of a mandle type scent. The reed diffuser smells perhaps more like I had originally expected the candle to smell like, the dark and fruity scent that really fills a room. There’s nothing floral here which I love and as everyone knows I love the deep, dark and fruity scents. I’ve enjoyed smelling both aspects of this one scent and I enjoy both equally.

As for the reeds, I have to confess that when I have a reed diffuser for months that I can get lazy having to turn the reeds over so I do tend to just get new ones. It’s always a messy thing to do though. These POREX e-reeds look more substantial as soon as you see the pack, they also feel more sturdy. They also look a little furry to look at too, nothing obvious but for review purposes I had to get up close and personal 😉 Not having to turn them over is a good thing obviously, the POREX e-reeds still got wet but all the way along so the scent seemed stronger. The POREX e-reeds were still straight even though they were a little wet, some of the other reeds I’ve had have bent over time because of the wetness. There were 8 reeds in the pack but I’ve only used 4 so far, purely because that’s what I normally do with any new reed diffuser.

I’ve had this reed diffuser for over a month now and I’m impressed with how well it has lasted so far. This should see me into late 2017, which is pretty impressive. I think the scent is also strong enough to last that long too as I’ve not noticed a drop in intensity yet. For £23.50 for 100ml it’s good value for money too.

Have a look through their other reed diffuser scent choices.

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with both the candle and the reed diffuser. They’ve given our readers a 25% discount when you shop (until the 11th of August 2017) with the code VANILLA25.

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Anyone else find that reed diffusers seem to go down quicker in the winter months?

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