Sam’s Top 5 Lip Products

I think I need to up my lip game as I don’t have that many lip products, and don’t often wear much more than lip balm, but I thought I’d share my favourite lip products with you. Some I can’t live without.

5. EOS Fresh Grapefruit With SPF – I’m a big fan of EOS Lip Balms, I’ve lost count of the number of them I have flying around our home and in all my handbags. I generally like all their different scents/flavours cause they’re all yummy and foody, but when I first tried their Pink Grapefruit one I was hooked on that and sorta abandoned all my others until I had used it up. When I saw that they had brought out Fresh Grapefruit with SPF I was all like “MINE!” They’re pretty similar in scent although Fresh Grapefruit is a bit more sweet, like grapefruit candies.  I’m not too fussed about SPF’s on my lips but it’s always a good thing to have so I think that’s an added bonus with this lip balm.

4. Rose & Shine Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Gloss By Soap & Glory – I’ve had some lip plumping glosses before, but most have made my lips feel like they’re on fire, with this one, it’s more of a cooling, slightly tingly sensation. It doesn’t really give me Angelina Jolie type lips but it does make them feel fuller, and I like that it’s not sticky or gloopy, oh and it smells like cake! Om nom nom.
I have a few of these lip glosses as I’ve probably bought every Soap & Glory gift set ever, but I’ve chosen Rose & Shine as my favourite shade because I think it’s the perfect nude shade and it has the right amount of shimmer in it. Soap & Glory make really buttery and comfortable lip glosses, I highly recommend them.

3. Rosie for Autograph Lip Glossy in Supermodel Smile – I’ve mentioned before how I’m not a lover of lipsticks but this has become one of my favourite lip products ever and it’s really the only colour I wear on my lips now. It feels very moisturising, is lovely and sheer and the colour is like a, my lips only better, type shade. It’s fabulous.

2. Kiss The Girl Lip Scrub By My Dearly Loved – I’ve tried Lush Lip Scrubs before and found them quite harsh to use, the grains aren’t fine enough for me, it always felt like they were cutting my lips, so when I tried  Kiss The Girl Lip Scrub I was like “WOW! Where have you been all my life?!”
It’s made with the best quality Organic Cane Sugar, Grape Seed Oil and Vanilla Extract, the granules are super fine so they get rid of any dry, dead skin on your lips, gently. It tastes really yummy too! I use this once a week and I have the smoothest lips ever.

1. Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm – I’ve used A LOT of lip products over the years and none have ever wowed me like this one. It’s become my holy grail lip balm, I have tubs of it everywhere for fear of losing it.
The texture is so thick and creamy, there’s nothing out there like it. It’s so nourishing and melts into the lips perfectly, leaving them feeling so soft, hydrated and plump. I like to apply a thick layer over and around my lips before I go to sleep and when I wake up it’s like I have brand new baby soft lips. It smells and tastes yummy and is also great as a base for any lipsticks or lip glosses.

What do you wear on your lips? Gloss? Lipstick? Lip Tint? Balm? Let me know your favourites and recommendations in a comment below.

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