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I’ve never tried ColourPop MakeUp before but when Jeffree Star reviewed their ILUVSARAHII X ColourPop Chic-Y & $aucey Pressed Powder Palettes, I was like GIIIIIRRRRRRRL that purple palette was made for me! I was so happy to see someone doing a colourful palette, I’m getting so sick of neutral palettes all over everywhere.

I was browsing around ColourPop for a while and I signed up for their newsletter and was given a discount code, they also had a Raid The Mini Bar offer where when you spend $20 you get to choose a mini satin lip sampler from their mini bar, so I basically had to do a bit of a haul. Then for every additional $10 you could pick another mini satin lip sampler, so I ended up being able to pick five! Now y’all know your girl isn’t big into lip products so I chose three for me and two for Sarah. Check out the goodies I got…

Check out all the goodies I got…

ILUVSARAHII Collaboration $aucey Pressed Powder Shadow Palette – I’ve honestly no idea who ILUVSARAHII is, but damn, the girl knows how to collab on a palette! The four shades in it are Heavy Glam, which is a vibrant duochrome orange and pink shade. Chic Happens,  a matte cool toned mauve, and a perfect transition shade. Lit, a vibrant metallic purple, and Razy which is a matte blackened plum. It’s so fabulous isn’t it?

Bae Super Shock Shadow – I’ve never seen anything like this shade before, it’s fabulous. It combines two of my favourite colours, rich eggplant purple with blue glitter. STUNNING!

Coconut Super Shock Shadow – A super bright, crazily pigmented teal. A must have for my collection.

Rex Super Shock Shadow – This is a really badass black drenched with bright blue glitter, love it!

Lace Super Shock Shadow – Purples are my sorta go-to shades when it comes to eyeshadows and I just NEEDED this gorgeous, glittery, satin, deep violet shade.

Dare Super Shock Shadow – I couldn’t not get this one, I mean it’s neon purple with hot pink and violet glitter, so very Sam!

Slave2Pink Super Shock Pigment – This shade was seriously made for me. It’s like electric neon pink, loaded up with blue, violet, hot pink, and silver glitter.

Red Head Brow Colour & Arched Auburn Brow Colour – I needed some brow colours as I’ve hit pan on my NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder and finding the right shade to match my red hair is always so tough so I thought I’d give these a go. Neither is a perfect match but they’ll do. They’re super long lasting, it’s crazy!

Frick N’ Frack Ultra Satin Lip – This is a dark pinky, terracotta type colour. I don’t think I’d wear it as like a full lipstick, but I may use it for a slight tint.

Strip Ultra Satin Lip – This is warm toned nude colour, I think it’d look nice with a pearly gloss over it.

Dopey Ultra Satin Lip – This is definitely my favourite out of the three lip colours, it muted pink shade, I’m really fair skinned and sometimes think pink shades look silly on me, but this one is perfect for my skin tone. All the satin lips are so comfortable to wear too.

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