Aldi Lacura Expert Beautifying Serum Review

I have been a huge fan of Aldi’s face creams for many years now. I was never lucky enough to time my Aldi shop with there being any of their serums in stock in my local store. I’ve definitely become more of a serum lover as I hit my mid-thirties and spotted that my skin needed more of a drink than it used to.

Early April I finally managed to get my hands on the Aldi Lacura Expert Beautifying Serum and I’ve not looked back since! You’ll spot in the photo that I was all ready getting my “blogger head” on and using seasonal flowers to take a photo with the serum. The thing is the serum became such a great product for me that I kinda forgot about it… it became habit.

Aldi Lacura Beautifying Serum

It’s my turn this month to do my favourites and this was in my list but it really does deserve a mention all of its own.

The science bits

The Beautifying Serum, with its exclusive blue-green micro algae extract, adds protein to the skin, leaving it noticeably softer and smoother. The combination of anti-ageing properties protects and aids skin harmonisation, helping to tighten skin.

Independently tested over 4 weeks, women noticed wrinkle depth reduced by up to 31%, skin regained elasticity by up to 33% and suppleness improved by up to 34% after using the Expert Beautifying Serum.

The Beautifying Serum contain Aldi’s patented Mimox® X. The optimally matched active anti-ageing ingredients prevent skin cell damage and stimulate synthesis of hyaluronic acid, helping to create youthful looking and luminous skin.

It sounds so fancy!

Pros and cons

A major pro for me personally is that I don’t really have any wrinkles… I do have little laughter lines around my mouth and a bit of a forehead crease but other than that, no wrinkles really to target. The bottle does say it is a “anti-ageing bodyguard” so that’s enough for me! The other aspects of this serum being elasticity and suppleness, would really help my skin.

I can’t give a % improvement really but a great way to tell is that when I first started to use it my skin used to drink it up quickly and it would still feel a little dry. Now it’s not as quick but I never feel my skin is dry after. Another way to tell how much it’s helped my skin is how much easier it is to apply makeup and how much better foundation now stays on my skin. Sometimes they would dry me out too.

The bottle has a dropper inside and you pump the top to get product into the tube. It’s not the best dropper I’ve ever used, not a lot of product seems to get sucked up into the tube at once but that might be designed that way. I normally only need about 2-3 drops anyway so this works out fine. Which turns out to be how much fits into the tube… magic!

It does have a peculiar smell, it’s a very strong aniseed smell which is quite unusual. I wasn’t keen on it at all but I don’t really notice it too much once it’s on my face. I also wash my hands after each use, but you should do anyway.

Going back to being in my mid-thirties again, something I’ve really started doing is to remember that skincare shouldn’t start at your neck. It needs to go down to your décolleté too. So that’s definitely part of my new routine too.


I’ve never had a breakout or reaction to this serum. I’ve noticed a real difference in the skin on my neck and definitely my forehead too. I’m not sure the word is “supple” but they look a lot better than they did before.

I’ve used the product twice a day now for almost three months and I’m only about a fifth of the way through it. I’d have got through at least one tub of a face cream in that same time.

Would I buy it again?

Yes!!! Already have, as soon as I saw it again I stocked up. Haven’t seen it since but they do seem to add to the range ALL the time now. Have you tried any of the newer ones? Favourite Aldi Lacura product?

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