Yankee Candle Viva Havana Collection Review

Transport yourself to a vibrant Cuban paradise,
with the brand new Viva Havana 2017 Yankee Candle collection.

Our friends at Love Aroma sent us some Yankee Candle small jar candles from the new Viva Havana collection to test out and review.

There are four new scents available in all six classic Yankee Candle forms. So what are our thoughts on them?

Viva HavanaA delightful blend of cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg and sandalwood that transports you to sunnier climates.

Sam – This a stunning complex aroma on a cold smell, and with all the luxurious, strong and warming spices in it I expected it to have quite the scent throw, but sadly it didn’t.

Viva Havana is very sexy and masculine, which I love, and I do think it’s one of the best scents that Yankee Candle have released in a long time, and one of the most unique,  it’s just unfortunate that the quality didn’t reflect that.

Cuban MojitoCool and refreshing synonymous with the classic cocktail, this features notes of vanilla, mint, sugar cane and a dash of lime.

Sarah – Loved this from my first sniff! But I did notice it wasn’t a boozy Mojito scent, more of a mocktail type scent. The mint does overpower this scent once it’s burning which for me was a shame.

In the end, I’ve had it lit with a strawberry scent in my wax burner to get a summer feel to the house. The two scents really mix together well and that’s been fun to explain to everyone what the smell is!

Delicious GuavaThis juicy fruit scent, native to Central America is brought to life with notes of bergamot, lemon, peach and mango and sweet undertones of sugar.

Sam – This is such a sweet and juicy scent, perfect for summer. You can really smell the peach and the mango notes and the lemon element gives it a sort of fizziness. It makes me want all the cocktails!

This had a better scent throw than my Viva Havana candle but I feel as though the fragrance sort of faded as the candle burned down which was a bit disappointing. Perhaps I just got used to it.

Tobacco FlowerA classic floral scent with a woody twist, including notes of ginger roots, star anise, jasmine, bamboo leaf, cedarwood and tonka bean.

Sarah – I did like this on my first sniff, it’s certainly not a scent that I thought Yankee Candle would sell. I found the throw to be really quite mild from the lit candle. Definitely needed more oomph.

After a few hours it did fill the room and it’s quite a spicy scent which I like but it’s really like it’s holding itself back from being a real Tobacco Flower scent, it just wasn’t for me in the end.

You can few the whole Viva Havana collection, HERE, the accessories range is fabulous, we want everything. HERE, the accessories range is fabulous, we want everything.

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