Colton Candles Piña Colada Wax Melts Review

One of my favourite adult drinks is a big ol piña colada, they make me feel like I’m on vacation. I was super happy when our buddies at Colton Candles sent me some of their Piña Colada Wax Melts to try out and review cause seriously, I’m in desperate need of a vacation. 😛

Piña Colada is described as a sweet and tropical fragrance that’s sure to get you in the party mood. Pineapples with a touch of peach and grapefruit compliment a smooth coconut and vanilla base.

Piña colada is a favourite scent of mine, although I often find that some have too much coconut and not enough pineapple, but Colton Candles nailed it cause you can really smell the pineapple, which I love. I can’t really detect the peach note, not that I’m complaining, I find the grapefruit gives it a bit of a zing and the vanilla adds depth and richness to it, like it’s a super fancy, posh piña colada.

I tested this out in my oil burner and I got about three tealights,12 plus hours, worth of fragrance out of one cube, which is great.

All of Colton Candles’ products are made with a blend of sustainable soy wax and with the finest grade oils sourced locally in Yorkshire.  Their wax melts retail are £3.69 each or three for £10, for the time you get from the melts this is a complete bargain.

Check out all of Colton Candles’ new fragrances for Summer on their website, they have lots of great scents to choose from.

Stay tuned for more Colton Candles reviews from us, but until then be sure to show them some love on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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