Our Favourite Scents For Men

There are hundreds of men’s fragrances out there, but in our opinion, there’s very few that really WOW us gals.
I can’t speak for Sarah, but I know my guy isn’t at all fussy, he generally likes every scent I buy for him, he probably wouldn’t go out of his way to buy any for himself; he’s ace at picking out perfumes for me though.

We thought we’d share some of our top scents for men with you, as between the two of us we’ve bought quite a few for our other halves over the years and tested many a sample on them too, they’re really the best guinea pigs. These might give you some ideas if you’re looking to treat your guy to some new scents.

This Is Him! By Zadig & Voltaire – This Is Her! by Zadig & Voltaire is one of my own personal favourites, so when I saw that This Is Him! was on sale after Christmas, I treated himself to some. It’s such a sexy scent, it’s really spicy and so unique, I know I’ve never smelled anything like it, and the same goes for This Is Her!. It’s a manly blend of incense, grapefruit, black pepper and vanilla, and a subtle hint of sandalwood. You can really smell the black pepper in it, and as it dries the vanilla comes through more. I think this is the type of scent that any man would love.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani – So, I’ve a bit of a funny story about this particular scent. Many years ago, over ten anyway, I jumped in a taxi and it smelled incredible. I looked for air freshener but there was none so after chatting to the driver for a while, I said “do you mind me asking what cologne you’re wearing?” and he said it was Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani, he also told me that “it was like underwear acid for the ladies” I laughed so much. Anyway, I can always smell this from a mile away, it’s really a masculine, really noticeable scent. I think it’s very citrussy and oceanic, with some subtle spicy notes.

Dark & Stormy Eau De Parfum By Primark – Myself and Sarah saw this online and we thought it was a perfume for women and we both discussed wanting to try it, cause we’re Dark & Stormy fans, it was only when I was in Primark searching for it that I discovered that it’s “for men”, so I bought some for my guy although I would totally wear it too. It’s a blend of boozy rum, zesty lime and spicy ginger, it’s become my guy’s go-to cologne and it really lasts, he’ll usually spritz some on in the morning and I can still smell it on him in the evening. Such an amazing bargain find too.

Boss Bottled By Hugo Boss – This is Sarah’s number one scent for men, I think it’s pretty good too. It’s a woody scent with apple, and explosions of dark fruit. It has cinnamon in it which gives it some spicy tones. For years Sarah believed this is what James Bond should have smelled like, but she’s quite happy to have Gerard Butler smelling like it, I am too. *Drools*.

Lynx Dark Temptation – I’m pretty sure that anytime Lynx want to bring out a new fragrance, they just ask themselves “what will drive women wild?” They really nailed it with this scent, it’s so sexy. It smells like spicy, chocolate chip cookies… manly cookies! Remember the commercial from back in the day when it was launched? See it HERE, well that so accurate, so if you did ever bite a man on public transport it would be totally justifiable. 😛
Dark Temptation comes in many forms, all of which are winners.

So ladies, what scents do you like on your guys? Is there any others you would recommend? Let us know in a comment below.

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