January and February Favourites

How is it already March!?

At the end of 2016 I planned out how I was going to set up my bullet journal for 2017. I wanted to track my wax usage as I have SO much to use up, so that I can sneak more into the house haha. Also I wanted to keep it up as part of my self care tracker too. So my plan was that I could use the monthly lists to keep my favourites so that I could update the blog with them. But I wanted to do more of a chatty blog so…


Well I’ve done the first bit. Not the second bit… so be warned this could be a rather lengthy favourites post. Vloggers tell you to get a brew for a long video so this is your reminder that you might want to do the same.


I started January with a few Christmas scents, I am one of those people who will have Christmas type scents in the middle of summer and the reverse. The Grinch from Scent Circus was one of my favourites of the Christmas selection that they had. I love their theme boxes and the attention to detail in all of their melts. I finally finished Cinnamon Sticks from Flamingo Candles, this was one of their Christmas 2015 candles. Absolutely loved that and gutted it never came back for 2016. Candywick had a fabulous Christmas selection too and I enjoyed Gingerbread and Cinnamon Buns.

Also we had the January Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles – see our review here. I also used a Kir Royale melt when I was having a good post-Christmas clean and it really helped keep me motivated to get cleaning! Must be the smell of booze that helped me…

Another Candywick favourite this month was Prosecco Bubbles, this was absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t want it to stop smelling. It lasted a good few days which was great but I still didn’t want it to ever end.

I had some other Christmas candles to use up, I had Chocolate Orange and Mulberry Spice by Kiss-Air Candles to finish up. The latter is one of my favourite Kiss-Air scents, really helps with my anxiety and makes me more productive whilst I work. Sun-Kissed Raspberry was my only non-festive scent from Kiss-Air this month. I think I’ve said before how much I feel that raspberry can be such a forgotten scent, so this is always another favourite.


Other favourites were Marshmallow Fireside and Vanilla Bean Noel from Kempton Park Candles. I stocked up on Marshmallow Fireside before Christmas, it’s one of those scents I feel I NEED to have stocked up ready. The gorgeous Disney Castle melt from Scent Circus was very popular too, I think my daughter is partly to blame for that though.

I had a unicorn melt left over from my last Star Wax order and this was another popular one. It lasted a long time too! I finished up Caramelized Crimson Pear and Homemade Cheesecake from Pretty Little Wax. I’ve still so much of their melts to work through, they only restock once a month so that helps keep my spending a little limited.

I had bought a cheap Essence candle from B&M, the candle had three layers – Vanilla, Amber and Coconut. The scents were gorgeous together but the candle tunnelled badly. I probably would get it again though because it was about £1. I did rescue it a little doing the foil trick… 😉


Cleave’s Candles also only do a monthly restock – I finished All The Sugars, Rum & Raisin, Yuzu & Coco. I grabbed a few bits in the January restock, I’ve got much more to say about what I got later on.

I also really enjoyed Zingy Lemonade from Knick Knacks Attic. I don’t know how I hadn’t even started on this snap pack before, there’s now only half left. It’s been in my en-suite now for a good few weeks – really helps with that morning slump that I feel really gets bad in the cold Winter mornings.

The end of January and the start of February were a bit cold/flu filled so Bah Humbug from Flamingo Candles provided some relief. It was the only scent that I could smell for at least a week, it’s really quite strong and certainly stopped my headaches. I hate being sick (no one likes it) but I’m the worst patient ever.

In February, I also started my new bullet journal and I was super excited, naturally I made some mistakes but I’m loving my minimalist approach.


I also used my Hello Kitty wax melt finally from Star Wax Melts, it was Creme Brûlée scented and O M G it was heaven. Of course another month meant another Melt Crowd box from Flamingo Candles, see our review here. The passionfruit and lime melt was a favourite from this box.

I’d ordered from Cleave’s Candles in the January restock and everything I ordered has been amazing. But my favourite before it even arrived was Cheers to Cherry – black cherry bomb chunks with a vanilla champagne overpour. It smells SO good!

Black Cherry Gluhwein from Kempton Park Candles was another boozy scent that I loved. Why do boozy scents seem to make me more proactive!?

I placed an order with Rosie’s Wax Melts too, had an eye on their melts for sometime now and the first one I melted was a sample they had included with my order of Butterscotch Banana. I’d definitely recommend that one! I’ve had pink coconut and shea in my bathroom for quite a lot of the month too.

True Cherry was another favourite this month, Candywick really know how to make some punchy fruity scents. This is a proper drool worthy cherry scent, yum!

Scent Circus melts are very popular with my daughter, she had been wanting to melt Minnie Mouse for sometime but I’d been quite possessive about keeping her whole. Haha! She was finally melted in February, she smelt of love hearts though so I didn’t feel too bad about it…

Other non-waxy favourites;

Books – The little book of Hygge, Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed.
Films – Moana, Definitely Maybe, Collateral Beauty,
Television – Sherlock, Taboo, Greys Anatomy, Apple Tree Yard, This Is Us, Call the Midwife, Lemony Snicket – a series of unfortunate events, The OA.
Music – Found my old Motown vinyls – absolute winner! The new Ed Sheeran stuff.
Food – Paella, corned beef hash and roast dinners. Anything with cheese. Pasta.
Drinks – JD and anything. Vimto as always, Galaxy hot chocolate.

– Some of the wax melts/candles were sent to me for review purposes but my views are still honest. Obviously {I hate these declarations}.

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