Literati & Light Lost Time Candle Review

Literati & Light kindly sent me one of their Lost Time candles to review, I specifically requested this scent which is described as a blend of orange blossom, neroli, lime-flower tea, cut grass, chestnut trees, and water lilies, because I’m a huge fan of citrus scents and I really LOVE any tea type aromas.

Lost Time brings back to life the nostalgic aroma of a treasured childhood garden, the scent was inspired by Marcel Proust’s “Á La Recherche Du Temps Perdu” (In Search of Lost Time). 

This is a really luxurious and complex aroma. On a cold smell, you can really get the tartness and zest from the orange blossom, neroli and lime-flower tea elements. When it’s melting the earthiness comes through from the grass and floral elements. It reminds me of sitting outside in the Spring, sipping on a really comforting cup of citrusy, herbal tea.
This is one of the fanciest candles I’ve ever had and one of the strongest, the uplifting aroma filled our entire living area with its scent and I could even smell it when it wasn’t burning. For me, that’s a sign of a very special, and extremely well-made candle.

To ensure that you get the best burn from your candles, you need to burn them for as long as it takes for the pool of melted wax to reach the sides of the glass on each burn. If you don’t do this, your candles will tunnel, and so much lovely wax will go to waste. And, we can’t say this enough, TRIM YOUR WICKS!
With this candle, which was 240g / 8.5oz, I wanted to get the most I possibly could out of it so I kept my wick trimmed and burned it perfectly, in the end, I got well over fifty hours of burn time from it, which I was so happy with.

All Literati & Light luxury candles are made from a blend of sustainably sourced soy wax and beeswax and a bespoke fragrance blend of essential oils and high-quality safe synthetics. They have cotton wicks which ensure a long, clean burn and are carefully poured by hand in England using artisan techniques. Lost Time comes in a matt black glass jar and a recycled rigid matt black box patterned with a metallic copper print that references madeleine cakes in an art deco style.

My Lost Time candle came with a polished copper stainless steel lid, but you can personalise your candles by adding a lid of your choice – either a polished stainless steel lid in silver, copper, or gold or a wooden lid which is handmade in the UK. The lid can be used to extinguish your candle and to protect it from dust, or used as a candle coaster.
Literati & Light choose not to include a lid with every candle to keep the price down for those customers who do not want a lid, or for customers that already have a lid and want to cut down on the excess waste of having lots of lids.

These stunning literary candles are the perfect gift for book lovers, but their design, fragrance, and performance makes them wonderful candles to own whether you are familiar with the stories they tell or not (or, perhaps, not yet). They are seriously amazing value as well – a 240g candle costs £20 with free first class recorded postage to mainland UK. For what you’re getting, that is a complete bargain.

Stay tuned for more product reviews from us, but until then be sure to show Literati & Light some love on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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