Literati & Light Candle Company

Literati & Light was born of two great loves: fragrance and literature. They were inspired by great works of literature and their candles use fragrance notes that are carefully chosen from the literary text that inspires them so that they really do tell a ‘scented story’.

Literati & Light were inspired by the ‘Proustian Phenomenon’ which is the idea that scent triggers memories, so certain smells remind us all of the moments in our own stories. Incidentally, their Lost Time candle is an homage to Marcel Proust, who’s ability to write the memory triggering sensation of scent is what lends the terms its name.

Their debut collection of six candles are all inspired by modernist (early 20th century) works of art and aesthetics. All of their design is done in-house and the patterns on the boxes reflect an element from the story of the book e.g. Lost Time has an art deco inspired ‘madeleine’ print, and they carefully select fragrance notes before having them expertly blended by external perfumers to create bespoke, distinctive fragrances.

On Parade Brandy, Leather, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, Rose.
Jazz Age – Champagne, Verbena, Citrus, Iris, Musk, Jasmine.
Lost Time – Orange Blossom, Neroli, Lime-Flower Tea, Cut Grass, Chestnut Trees, Water Lilies.
Lighthouse – Sea Salt, Driftwood, Hyacinths, Water Lilies.
Seven Woods – Irish Turf, Moss, Vetiver, Lime Trees, Bluebells.
Garden Party – Cut Grass, Tea Rose, Jasmine, Cyclamen, Lilies.

All of Literati & Light’s candles are made from sustainable soy wax and high-grade beeswax to give superior hot and cold throws. They are poured by hand in England using artisan techniques and they use the maximum amount of fragrance in every drop of wax.

Literati & Light are available on Not on the High Street, and on their own website, which is the place to read more about their story and if you’d like to hear more about upcoming and new products you can join their mailing list.

Stay tuned for a product review from us and Literati & Light, but until then be sure to show them some love on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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