The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles Review – January – Be Happy!

When we saw this box on Instagram, we got super happy and excited about it. We’re loving Flamingo Candles’ different themes for their Melt Crowd boxes and can’t wait to see what they’ve planned for 2017!

In case you don’t know already, The Melt Crowd is a monthly wax subscription box from Flamingo Candles. Each box contains eight delicious Scent Melts. The individual fragrances are a surprise – they include a combination of old favourites, current scents, new yet-to-be launched scents and scents exclusive to The Melt Crowd. Plus to make it even better, your first box as a member of The Melt Crowd will include a wax burner, to ensure you’re fully ready to explore Flamingo Candles’ amazing scents. You’ll also get a 20% discount code too with every box. You can sign up HERE, trust us, you won’t regret it.

So what was in the Be Happy Melt Crowd box?

Coconut & Raspberry

Sam – This is a really scrumptious aroma, you can really smell the rich coconut, and the raspberry comes out more when it’s melting. It has some buttery bakery notes to it too, it reminds me of Mikado cookies and makes me so hungry!

Sarah – I love these two scents individually but together they sort of cancelled each other out a bit. I feel it needed more of one of them but then it would have overpowered the other scent.

Orange & Blackcurrant

Sarah – I wanted to love this, I really did. But I really didn’t love it as much as I was looking forward to. It’s a lovely scent but I’d have loved more orange and for it to last longer.

Sam – I have this scent melting right beside me and it’s really unique, I quite like it. At first it reminded me of a blackcurrant Lemsip lol but when I melted it, I could smell the orange more. It’s a scent that really perks you up.

Pomegranate Cider

Sam – This is one of my long time Flamingo faves, it’s a nice twist on the traditional aroma of cider. It has the spicy elements that cider does but the pomegranate gives it a real punch of sweetness. I just love it, it’s really comforting and uplifting, perfect for these cold, grey, snowy days.

Sarah – You’ll all know I’ve had a very big pomegranate addiction in the last year or so. I’m also rather fond of a boozy scent so this was a mix of two very good things for me. One of my favourites!

Jasmine & Lime

Sarah – It does have a bit of a cleaning product scent at first. I’ve mentioned a few times how citrus scents can remind you of certain bath cleaning products. The jasmine does kick into this more when it is melting though. One of my surprise favourites from this box.

Sam – Jasmine is one of the few floral scents that I don’t hate, I think it’s because it’s more sweet than it is floral. This melt is a really fresh and fun blend of tart, juicy limes and sweet jasmine, I quite like it.

Clean Cotton

Sam – I’m generally not a fan of clean cotton scents but if you are I can tell you that this is the strongest clean cotton scent I’ve ever set my nose on. I’m going to save it and have it warming in our guest room when we have company over.

Sarah – A real staple scent, whilst not a favourite scent I do like to use cotton type scents around the home. Especially in the guest bedroom before we get visitors, just to brighten up the room. These also work well as draw scenters too.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Sarah – I preferred this on a cold smell. I think my issue is that I just don’t like the scent of blueberry, which I realise is odd. But hey, that’s me!

Sam – I once tried a blueberry cheesecake melt before and I didn’t like it, it was too sweet and way too artificial, so I was nervous when I saw this one in the box, but actually I LOVED it! You can really smell the cream cheese and the buttery biscuit base elements in it and the sweet blueberries just bring everything together. I’d love if Flamingo Candles brought out more cheesecake scents.


Sam – I’m quite confused about this scent. At first this is like a sweet floral scent but then there’s citrus elements that come through, it’s a crazy combination of aromas. I’m gonna keep it melting for as long as I can and hopefully I figure if I love it or if I hate it.

Sarah – I’m never sure if I actually like the scent of dewberry. It feels like a marmite scent for me but not a love/hate constant. It’s more of a “love it now but not in about two hours time” scent. At the same time I had this on I had the Jasmine & Lime one on in the kitchen, so I had the two (three scents really) all mixing together. This seemed to work well, I loved it then!

Unicorn Dreams

Sarah – The scent of this really sent my nose off on so many weird sweet type smells, at one point I was so sure that it was like those banana sweets. Once melted it resembled more of a Snow Fairy (Lush) scent. Beautiful with a strong throw.

Sam – I LOVE unicorns! I was super excited about this one and I hope Flamingo Candles bring out heaps more unicorn themed products. 😀 Unicorn Dreams, to me, smells like straight up bubblegum. It’s a really happy, nostalgic aroma.

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