Samuel Parris Vanilla & White Rum Candle Review

Vanilla, rum, candles, wooden wicks…These are some of my most favourite things ever, so I was crazy happy when our buddies at Samuel Parris sent me one of their Vanilla & White Rum candles to test out and review.

The scent is described as “a warm, smokey vanilla” I definitely get the smokiness, which I love. It’s a unique fragrance, I’ve never smelled anything like this before.

The decadent and rich vanilla mixed with the sweet, spicy rum make for such an indulgent scent. It’s insanely good. I’d love this fragrance in a perfume, I would bathe in it!

Y’all know we LOVE our wooden wicks here at V&L, we’ve had a lot of them, some we’ve loved, some not so much. For us when a brand really nails their wooden wicks it’s AMAZING; in my opinion, Samuel Parris could teach a masterclass in wood wicks. They’ve set the bar so high for me now.
Their wicks give off this subtle crackle, like gentle rain on the window. Oh it’s so soothing and lovely. Pure bliss.

It’s always been Samuel Parris’ goal to make quality, honest products and that really shows in their candles. They have sourced all of their materials from UK suppliers and their candles use 100% natural high-grade soy wax and are hand poured in small batches. I’m still burning my candle, I just love it so much I want to savour it. It’s burning, cleanly and flawlessly and the scent throw is amazing. Mine is a small but very mighty candle.

We’re honoured to work with this wonderful brand and they’ve definitely worsened the addiction for me. 😛 Stay tuned for some reviews from us and until then be sure to show Samuel Parris some love on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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