NEW Yankee Candle Pure Essence Scents from Love Aroma

Yankee Candle have brought out three NEW fragrances and some beautiful accessories to their much-loved Pure Essence collection.

Bring your home to life with the warmth, freshness and soothing scents of Linden Tree, Cherry Blossom and Wild Mint all available from Love Aroma.

Myself and Sarah were sent some wax tarts to test out and review…

Linden TreeFresh blooming Linden enjoyed through the green leafy sunlight of a quiet day.

Sarah – I didn’t like this on a cold smell but it was quite pleasant once melting. Smelled very fresh and just like a walk on a Spring day in the sunshine.

Sam – I wasn’t sure about this one at first but it has grown on me. It’s a very delicate floral aroma with some citrus notes in it. It’s definitely a great aroma for Spring. This would be lovely to have melting in a guest room. It’s not too overpowering, it’s quite lovely.

Cherry BlossomAn enchanting armful of Spring’s freshest blooms that turns any room pink and happy.

Sarah – I’m a lover of cherry scented things and whilst this isn’t strictly a “cherry” scent, it does have a sweetness to it that I like. I’m not one for florals but a fruity floral is normally a winner for me.

Sam – This would be definitely be my favourite in the collection, it’s really sweet and feminine.  It has some light powdery notes and isn’t overly floral which I really like.

Wild MintJust-picked Wild Mint leaves – fresh, crisp, cool, bracing.

Sarah – I am a lover of garden mint but not in a candle. Far too intense a scent for me!

Sam – Oh I just do not like this scent at all. I generally have to be in the mood for minty aromas but I don’t dislike them but there’s something not right with this one, it doesn’t smell anything like fresh wild mint. Honestly I think it smells like damp weeds and bad toothpaste.

You can find these new scents in all six classic Yankee Candle forms and as part of gift sets over on Love Aroma.

Check out all their new accessories too…

All those pastels are so pretty and perfect to brighten up your home for Spring.

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