Maddison’s Melts Mini Wax Melts Review

The lovely Maddy from Maddison’s Melts kindly sent me some of her mini wax melts to review.
All of Maddy’s products are made with high quality fragrance oils and 100% pure soy wax, which is eco-friendly, burns clean, has no toxins and is longer lasting; soy wax melts at a lower temperature which means you can enjoy your melts for generally 30-50% longer than any made using paraffin wax.

So what melts did I try out?


I’m pretty sure Maddy is psychic cause she picked scents that I love and scents that I’ve been craving.

Grape Soda – I love ALL THINGS grape, it’s the just the greatest smell and taste ever. This smells just like grape soda, it’s sugary, sweet and super strong. It has some vanilla elements in it too which come out when its melting, I think that they make it smell like a grape soda ice cream float. YUM!

Frosted Pumpkin – I think pumpkin scents should be out all year long, there’s something so comforting about them. Frosted Pumpkin is an amazing true-to-life pumpkin scent with just the right amount of warming spices in it.

Strawberry Shortcake – This scent is insanely good! It’s so yummy I want to eat it. It smells like really buttery vanilla cake with lashings of ripe, sweet, juicy strawberries on top and a big dollop of fresh whipped cream. I’m a big fan of cake scents in general but when you can smell the butteriness, oh man, that is just the best.

Cream Soda – This is the first time I’ve ever had a cream soda home fragrance product and I can definitely see myself getting addicted to the delicious fragrance. It smells just like cream soda, notes of caramelized sugar and rich vanilla and you can smell the fizziness too, this scent has a sort of effervescence to it. It’s crazy good.


The melts are really strong and I got about 12 hours out of just two mini melts. I was really impressed with them.

These mini melts are available in jars of 18 mini melts for only £5! What a BARGAIN! Maddy also has other melt options available and can make up custom gift bundles too, with pretty warmers and everything. Plus she has oh so many yummy scents to choose from too, like Mountain Dew, White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Salt Water Taffy, Italian Biscotti and many more. Check out her Instagram page for more details.

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