Esscentual Candles Morning Dew Candle Review

Esscentual Candles kindly sent me some of their completely handmade 100% soy wax candles to the review. You can read my previous reviews HERE. The next one I tried out was their Morning Dew candle, which is a perfect scent for Autumn.


Morning Dew contains a top note of freshly cut grass, a heart note of white florals and an oak base note. It’s like walking through the forest on crisp, Autumn morning.
This would make a great candle for the men in your life, it’s like fresh cut grass but better and manlier, it has some musky and citrus elements too.

I’ve been quite impressed with my Esscentual Candles, this one was really good too. The scent throw wasn’t as strong as it was with Spring Kitchen but it was still great.


I kept my wicked trimmed and in the end I got about 30 hours burn time.
This was one of Esscentual’s smaller candles, but they have larger sizes too. You can check out their full range in their Etsy store now.

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