The Something Smells Good Wax Subscription Box from Tinder Box Candles Review

We have already told you about Tinder Box Candles on our blog before. They very kindly sent me their “Something Smells Good” wax subscription box to review.

With this box it is just £12 a month (with free UK postage) you will receive 10 hand poured soy wax melts plus a free gift. There is no obligation to do a lengthy subscription and you can cancel anytime. Also the scents you get sent are exclusive so won’t be available on their Etsy shop to anyone else for a month. I like this idea!

Each of the wax melts is easy to break in half or even quarters. Each is packed full of fragrance and there’s definitely something for everyone in here.

The Melts

Tutti Fruiti Sherbet

“A perfect sweet fruity fragrance with a sparkling sherbet zing.”

Really loved the sherbet zing with this one. It is much like any fruit confectionery but it’s like a real fruit smash to your nose!

Rock Pool

“The revitalising scent of seaside air, driftwood and seaweed. Juniper, rosemary, tea tree and pine, mingles with soft musks, zesty Sicilian lemons and cedarwood.”

I was quite exhausted reading some of the descriptions as there was so much in some of these. This was one of those! It didn’t evoke any rock pool memories but it did remind me of late night walks on the beach. It’s very heavy on the pine so a very palm tree based beach in my mind.

Arabian Nights

“The tranquil eastern scent of ginger, patchouli and jasmine, coupled with fresh green leaves, citrus and wild mint, and finished with soft musk and sandalwood.”

I’ve said this before with these type of scents that I really don’t think I will like them but I end up really liking them! This reminds me of late nights on holiday when you’re abroad and they have various oils burning in the restaurant. It’s a really lovely scent and I need to start embracing it more on a cold smell.

Forest of Narnia

“Put on your fur coat and step out of the wardrobe to meet Mr Tumnus! A magical scent of crisp forest evergreens, entwined with aromatic white cedar, cashmere and musk.”

Narnia… Mr Tumnus… already my mind is in the wardrobe and waiting to reach the forests of Narnia. With Rock Pool being heavy on the pine, I was intrigued if this would remind me of the evergreens. There is a more woody scent to this so I totally feel at home in the Forest of Narnia. It has a very musky undertone too which I guess is Mr Tumnus himself!

Summer Holiday

“Blue skies and sandy beaches! Creamy coconut mingles with fresh pineapple and juicy orange, followed by tones of soft almond and peach.”

This was the first one that went into my melter, I’m such a sucker for a coconut based scent and this was so summer holiday! Each scent was distinctive from each other and I loved the different levels of scent to this. Also extra points for adding almond, hardly anyone adds that and it is such a beautiful addition!

Sweet Fig

“The sweet, fruity scent of Spanish figs, with a hint of floral undertones. The perfect summer fragrance.”

Fig scents always make smile. There is a real holiday feel to this and it reminds me of summer fruit cocktails. It’s very much a relaxing scent and one of my favourites from this box.

Garden of Eden

“The floral scent of a garden in full bloom. With strong fragrances of lily, jasmine and rose, mingled with bergamot, coriander and peony. Followed by the musky undertones of patchouli and woody vanilla.”

I’m not a floral fan. But this reminded me of walking into a flower shop, that quick mix of lots of florals hitting the senses fully. I can definitely pull out the rose and jasmine from this and also the coriander too which is interesting. I wouldn’t choose this for myself but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Would be a great scent for a guest bedroom.

Fruit Salad

“The perfect fruit salad of crisp apples, sweet honeydew melon, sun-ripened strawberries and soft pears. All wrapped with a hint of spice.”

Another of my favourites from this box! I’ve had a load of melon scents recently and loved them all, this one is mixed so beautifully with the apple, strawberries, pears and spice. It’s definitely more of a summer scent with all the fruit but the spice adds a little hint of enjoying this when the weather cools down too. Loved how clean smelling this was, perfect for the hotter days when you need something in the humidity!

Custard Cream

“Rich and sweet custard cream biscuit with a heavy creamy vanilla filling.”

This is just DROOOOOOL! Custard cream biscuits don’t have a very strong smell so the delicateness of this is so correct that it made me want to fist pump. I love vanilla scents and this really reminded me of sneaking the extra biscuit from the tin when no one else is looking, Ha!

Cherry Bakewell

“The mouth-watering aroma of cherry bakewell, bursting with sweet cherries and nutty almonds.”

I waited until writing up this review to put this one in my burner because it’s always a winner with me. It’s been a little distracting because it smells so damn good! Really love how the cherry scent oozes through the middle of those almonds. Yum!

There’s such a great mix of scents here, easily a scent for each room and mood. I really liked the selection choices and I loved the extra freebie too! The Apple Crisp soap from The Soap Shop which smells AMAZING! I’m not a fan of soap blocks but this could totally convert me.

Overall I did LOVE my Something Smells Good Box but the popcorn in the box is a little weird. I straight away put a piece in my mouth and BLEURGH, perfumed popcorn! It’s great for photos but don’t eat it kids, I felt like such a fool ha ha.

The box is really good value for money and they would make a great gift too.

You can subscribe to the Something Smells Good box HERE now!

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