Whicks N Whacks Ice Cream Parlour Button Jar Review

I’m a big fan of Whicks N Whacks and even more so when we asked if they could stock the Soft Blanket Yankee dupe, it’s now available online. Whoop! Also check out their extensive scent list – wow!

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These button jars have always intrigued me. Wax made to look like buttons… how cute!

These are the Ice Cream Parlour selection: Mint Chocolate, Orange Dreamsicle and Raspberry Vanilla. 

They don’t actually say about mixing the scents together and I did have a couple of go’s with one scent at a time. But it’s the school holidays now and the kids enjoy helping me choose what wax to melt so we’ve used all three a lot! Now this scent mix is probably not for everyone but we love it. They loved seeing the three colours melt together and it made something I’d be impressed to recreate at Halloween. The scents together made me feel like we were in a scent mix factory, maybe even an ice cream parlour.

I did enjoy the three scents separately too. I think my favourite was the Raspberry Vanilla but it’s close between all three.

Each jar has 12 buttons in each of the three fragrances and in 3 different sizes. I used about 3 buttons each time but obviously with the kids help this has increased a little.

These are fun wax products and great value for money. Using soy wax really improves the quality of the scent and its throw. There are other button jar collections and my favourites are Fruit Cocktail (Raspberry, Pearberry and Strawberry), Sweet Shop (Butterscotch, Caramel and Spearmint) and The Muffin Man (Banana Nut, Blueberry and Cherry Almond). Yums!

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