Lidl Beauty Haul & Review

Not too long ago Lidl released a bunch of new beauty products, that not only look great but are all super budget friendly. The range contains, BB creams, eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses, nail polishes and more. I decided to head to my local Lidl recently and pick up a few bits to try out.

Lidl Beauty Haul & Review

So what did I buy?

Intensive Repair Mask (€1.79) – I have super dry, damaged hair so I grabbed this hoping it would do some good.

The first thing I noticed about it was the super strong scent off it, it was quite intense, and not in a good way. I massaged some into my hair and left it in for a few minutes and rinsed. I blow dried and styled my hair as normal but my hair fell quite limp and lifeless, as if the product had weighed it down, I wasn’t impressed at all.

I’ve mentioned before about having a super sensitive scalp and sadly I had a bad reaction to the product. My scalp got really itchy within half an hour of drying my hair and it felt really inflamed. I immediately re-washed my hair using my usual shampoo and took an antihistamine and I was fine after a while.

I do love Lidl, I just think this particular product didn’t agree with me.

Aqua Moisturising Mask and Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Mask (€0.49 Each) – I was really surprised at the price of these masks, I mean you get two sachets of face mask for €0.49 which is practically for nothing! Now for the price I wasn’t expecting miracles, but actually these were quite good. I used them on my face while I was relaxing in a bath and found that after I rinsed them off my skin felt thoroughly moisturised and a little firmer. Apart from the mild scents off each, I personally don’t find too much of a difference in them, but I would definitely buy them again.

Blue Sapphire & Rose Garden Eye Shadow  (€1.99 Each) – Lidl had four eyeshadows to choose from, a pale cream shade, a neutral brown and the two colours that I bought. I don’t wear brown or creams, or any natural looking shades so I opted for the two brightest colours they had.

Rose Garden is a pretty soft pink colour and Blue Sapphire is a cool light blue colour and both have a slight shimmer, the pigment isn’t great with these but they’re good for blending and a subtle highlighting.

I was a bit disappointed with the lack of colours, yo Lidl, your girl needs some purples and turquoises!

Cosy Rose Lipstick (€2.49) – You can ask anyone who knows me, I’m not a fan of lipsticks or lip glosses, I’m a lip balm girl (and a fussy one too) and always have been. I do have a few lip products, could probably count them on one hand but I hardly ever use them. When it comes to lipsticks, it’s usually texture and colours I have issues with and with lip glosses I hate the sticky feeling and cannot stand ones with glitter in them, they feel like they’re cutting my lips.

When I saw the Cosy Rose lip stick I liked the look of it, so bought it purely for this review. I tried it on at home and was like “oooh, actually I quite like this colour oh and the texture isn’t too bad…” I was pleasantly surprised and generally I’m just mehhh about most lip products. I had it on for a few hours over some light lip balm and just fell in love with it. The colour is like a nudey pink and I feel like it’s just a few shades darker than my natural lip colour, so I like that it’s not too out there. It has a lovely light, creamy texture with a nice soft sheen to it.

I was telling Sarah about it and she was like “who are you and what have you done with Sam?!” She was so shocked that I had even bought a lip stick! I’ve worn it quite a few times already, it’s not the longest lasting but honestly I’ve nothing to really compare it to. LOL. Also like it’s only €2.49, that’s a crazy good bargain!

Volume Mascara (€2.49) – This is a really great mascara, it does what it says on the tin. I like that it’s a light textured mascara and that you can really build it up.

I like having lots of mascaras on the go but have been using this one everyday since I got it. I would definitely buy it again and would highly recommend it.

Berry Passion Nail Polish (€1.99) – I’ve never really been one for crazy, over priced nail polishes, if you saw my hoards of nail polish you’d see that, I’ve actually found the budget brands ones to be better most of the time.  Lidl have four shades in the nail polish range and one clear top coat, I opted for Berry Passion which is a lovely purple colour. I love the wide brush with it and it’s quite long lasting, I’ve had it on my toes for over a week and it’s still chip free.

Over all I’m impressed with most of the products, I do hope they bring out more mascaras and nail polishes. I think I’ll try the CC creams next.

Have you tried any of Lidl’s new beauty products? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations in a comment below.

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