Esscentual Candles Spring Kitchen Candle Review

Esscentual Candles kindly sent me some of their lovely 100% soy wax and completely handmade candles to the review. The first one I decided to try out was Spring Kitchen.

Spring Kitchen is described as a blend of Coffee, Shortbread and Orange, yum!

Esscentual Candles Spring Kitchen Candle Review

I was so impressed with this candle, I raved about it to Sarah.

The scents are three very simple and everyday aromas, but when they’re combined it makes such a unique fragrance; a little bit sweet, very creamy and kinda spicy. It was really comforting and warming too, perfect for the colder evenings. Definitely one of my favourite scents this year and I plan on stocking up soon.

The scent throw was incredible with this candle, I was wowed by it. Even when it wasn’t burning I could still smell it. I got about 30 hours burn time, I kept my wick trimmed the entire time.
This was one of Esscentual’s smaller candles, but they have larger sizes too. You can check out their full range in their Etsy store now. You can also enjoy 20% off using the code AUGBLOG02. 😀

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