Cotswold Candle Company Cinnamon Orange & Clove Candle Review

With the nights being quite cold lately I’ve been craving warming and spicy scents so I was super happy when our friends at the Cotswold Candle Company sent me one of their Cinnamon Orange & Clove candles to review.

Cotswold Candle Company Cinnamon Orange & Clove Candle Review

The scent is described as “a spicy aromatic mixture of zingy citrus orange combined with warm cinnamon and clove.”

This really is the perfect aroma for Autumn and Winter; the rich cinnamon and clove elements are really comforting and when blended with the sweet orange it makes it a really warming and soothing fragrance.

Cinnamon Orange & Clove reminds me of being a child and hanging oranges with cloves in them around the house at Christmas time. Such a happy memory.

Y’all know how much we love our wood wick candles here at V&L and the lovely crackling, rustic fireplace sound that my Cotswold candle gave off, really added to it’s comforting-ness. It’s such a blissful sound.

Cotswold Candle Company’s candles are made with a mixture of soy and mineral waxes and the finest fragrances from the UK to ensure the best scent throw possible, you can really see how much thought, time, effort and love goes into these wonderful candles, even their packaging is so elegant and luxurious.

Cotswold Candle Company Cinnamon Orange & Clove Candle

Look at that melt pool and how clean it’s burning!

I easily got over forty hours of burn time out of my candle and they’re priced at £18 which is amazing value for what you get, see in the first pics above how they’re filled right to the brim with lovely creamy wax, LOVE THAT!

I know you might think I’m a bit nutty for mentioning Christmas, but trust me, it’ll be here before you know it, this candle is so beautifully packaged and would make a wonderful Christmas present for anybody.
How cute would one be as a hostess gift?! Wine is sooooo five years ago. 😛

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One thought on “Cotswold Candle Company Cinnamon Orange & Clove Candle Review

  1. I don’t think you are too nutty for mentioning Christmas! The good thing about this candle is that it would work great for any time of the year. I’m glad that you mentioned you got 40 hours of burning time. I think I am going to order one tomorrow!

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