Candleberry Single Barrel Vanilla Simmering Wax Cake Tart Review

When our buddies at Clouds asked me if I would like to do another review of their Candleberry Simmering Wax Cake Tarts, of course I said yes, I was really impressed with the Raspberry Lemonade ones I tried before (you can read that review HERE) and I was looking forward to trying some new scents and feeding my addiction.

Clouds sent me a Single Barrel Vanilla Simmering Wax Cake Tart to review, they know me too well!

Candleberry Single Barrel Vanilla Simmering Wax Cake Tart Review

Single Barrel Vanilla is described as “the sweet scent of Kentucky Bourbon-soaked Vanilla beans”… YUM!

We’re big vanilla fans here at V&L but we’re even bigger bourbon fans! We’ve mentioned before how we’re kind of bored of plain vanilla fragrances but we do like scents that are vanilla mixed with something else, so to have vanilla and bourbon mixed together is definitely a winner.

The scent is that of a warm, rich, creamy vanilla with a sort of musky, caramel, spicy bourbon. It’s just so luxurious and is a warming fragrance that would be the perfect for Autumn/Winter time.

The wax tart cake pieces are super easy to break off and I got about 8 hours (two tealights) out of one piece. There’s eight pieces in a pack so you’re looking at 60+ hours per pack and at £7.99, I think that’s really good value.

As well as Single Barrel Vanilla, Clouds also have lots of new fabulous and yummy scents in stock, like Blueberry Cobbler, Coconut Island and Distiller’s Charred Oak, don’t they sound incredible?!

Stay tuned for more reviews and be sure to follow Clouds on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to keep up to date with their latest news and ever expanding product range.

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