Behind The Bubbles – Interview with Lyn from Dearly Loved

We’re big supporters of handmade brands and love knowing what goes on behind the scenes, how they all began and what our favourite creators get up to whist making their wonderful products.
So we thought it would be fun to interview the geniuses that make handmade bath & body, skincare and beauty products.

I’d like to introduce the ever so kind and sweet Lyn from Dearly Loved. Lyn makes Disney inspired products and lots of other goodies too.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business – what originally drew you to making bath & body products.

I’m Lyn, the creator of Dearly Loved, which began as a coping mechanism after an amazing trip to Walt Disney World. In order to not dive head first into PDD (Post Disney Depression), I poured myself into starting this little dream of a business. I get to blend my love for Disney with my faith every day, and am having a blast doing it!

My bath and body products were a natural extension of my growing Candles With Character line. What’s more relaxing than lighting a candle and soaking in a tub, right? I was just missing the “tub” component, which started me thinking up ideas for Disney-inspired scrubs, bath salts, and more.

My Dearly Loved Products

Natural products have earned quite a following in recent years. How do yours differ from competitors?

I think what sets me apart is my Disney twist. I’ve come up with some really cute ideas that are actually good for you.

In using high quality and organic ingredients, such as Breton French Grey Sea Salt and extra virgin and organic coconut oil, my goodies are so much more than just a pretty label.After The Ball Bath Salts

One try and I’m sure you’ll be hooked!

What is your most popular product?

My most popular bath product would have to be my After the Ball Bath Salts.

I use Bokek Dead Sea Salt, harvested from the actual Dead Sea, and the finest Epsom Salt I could find, for a truly restorative soak.

One detail I’m particularly fond of with these salts is that they are super fine in texture. No more sitting on hard bits in your tub…ouch!

What is your favourite product to use out of all the products you make?

Tigger's Caffeinated Body ScrubMy Tigger’s Caffeinated Body Scrub is great for dry skin. Since I live in Arizona (think large desert) my hands definitely suffer. Using my coffee scrub leaves them feeling soft and moisturized.

What is your favourite kind of product to make?

Since I’m a trained accountant by day, what I most enjoy making when I come home to Dearly Loved is anything that lets me be creative and use my imagination.

There’s a certain amount of stress that is lifted when I’m stirring my candle wax or mixing up a batch of body scrub.

That’s my favourite part of making my products – the departure from the daily grind.

Are there any other bath & body brands that you like and buy from? Any products you’d recommend?

I’m big on scents and the memories they trigger. Since much of my travel is Disney focused, I enjoy picking up their line of H2O products to use at home. I can be transported to ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ each time I take a shower.

What sort of advice would you give to people wanting to start a handmade business?
I hope you’ll indulge me an analogy…

I’d tell them not to build a chicken coop, if they’re only interested in the eggs.
Raising chickens is so much more than eggs. You have to enjoy the animals, being outdoors, the mess and work that comes with it all. You have to be willing to spend money and time on your project…more than you ever thought you would need to.

If you’re truly passionate about this and enjoy the process, the fresh eggs are worth it – every single one. But if you went into it just for those eggs, you’d have been better off buying them at the grocery store.

So my advice would be to think about WHY you want to start a business, and WHAT really interests you. Where there’s passion, there’s possibility, and it can take you far in pursuing your ambitions. But you need to be all in!

Fragrance Body Mists

What does the future hold for your business – any big plans?

I love that after two years of working at this, my list of ideas and projects has never dwindled. I always have something I’m anxious to try out.

I’m looking forward to creating a book of my Dearly Devotions this year. And I’d love to carve out some time for more Disney-inspired jewelry.

My goal is to keep enjoying what I’ve created, while having fun coming up with new ideas.

Thank you to Lyn for starting this new series off with a such a positive start.
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