Alice’s Cottage Melon Madness Wax Snap Melt Bar Review

I’m always amazed by the various designs, colours and scents that candle and wax makers are able to make now. Even if the past year it’s already grown on so much!

When Alice’s Cottage sent me some goodies to review HERE and HERE. They also sent me their Melon Madness Wax Snap Bar I was so intrigued. It looked like green chocolate but was clearly not! They had all the CLP warnings but these snap bars are fun and easy to break off. 

Because our weather has been so wet, miserable and grey it didn’t feel like the right time to melt this very fun summer scent. Once the good weather started to appear, this has been a staple scent of my home.

Whilst it’s very melon based you can really smell more of the cucumber after a while which I did like. It’s a very fresh scent, perfect for bathrooms. But I did like this after our mini heatwave of weather, it smelt very cooling even though I might not have felt it!

I really loved this, ideal for summer. Check out Alice’s Cottage for more candle and soy wax goodies.

You can read more about Alice’s Cottage HERE. Also check out their Facebook and Instagram!

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