Vix Wix Wax Melt Shot Pots Review

Vix Wix sent me some of their Wax Melt Shot Pots to test out and review and they really couldn’t have picked better scents for me.

Vix Mix Amaretto Wax Melts

Amaretto – I was so happy when I saw that Vix Wix had sent me a an Amaretto Wax Pot to try out and review. The scent is a lovely blend of sweet almond, luxurious vanilla with a tiny bit of ripe, juicy cherries. We really love our nutty and cherry fragrances here at V&L so I knew for sure I’d love this one.

I melted half the wax pot in an oil burner and I got about three tealights / 12-15 hours out it. The scent throw wasn’t too overpowering which is a good thing, it’s a really decadent scent so if it was crazy strong I think would be quite sickening.

Vix Wix Mandarin Wax Melts

Mandarin – This may be my new favourite orange scent! It’s just so zesty, it’s as if heaps of mandarin oranges were jammed into one little wax pot, zests, greenery and all. It’s a real true to life scent.

I got about about four tealights out of half of a melt, that’s about 16-20 hours, which I was quite happy with. I’ll definitely be ordering this one for myself. It’s a great scent to have melting while you’re working, really perks you up.

Vix Wix Apple Wax Melts

Apple – Y’all know I quite fond of my apple scents and this particular fragrance is one of a kind!

Generally when it comes to apple fragrances you either have your tart apple scents, like Granny Smith, or you’ve have your sweet apple scents like Red or Golden Delicious, this scent was like a whole orchard of every possible kind of apple, ever! On a cold smell, it smelled like a range of sweet apples but when it was melting the tartness really came through.

I got at least twenty hours out of half a melt, which is awesome. Really loved this scent, it was so unique.

Each wax pot is about 39g of soy wax and are only £1.50 each and you can use as little as a quarter at a time.

Stay tuned for more reviews from us and be sure to show Vix Wix some love  on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram and check out their Etsy store, HERE, too.

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