Vix Wix Shortcake Soy Wax Brittle Review

Vix Wix sent me a whole bunch of fabulous products to review, I recently reviewed their Love Spell Wax Melts, you can read that review HERE, the next product I decided to try out was their Shortcake Soy Wax Brittle.

Vix Wix Shortcake Wax Flakes

The Shortcake Wax Brittle smelled like freshly baked shortcake, with lots of vanilla, sugar and butter elements. It made me so hungry! I especially loved the almost savoruiness of it from the salty butter element, if you love scents and treats that mix sweet and salty, like salted caramel then you’ll go nuts for this scent. It wasn’t too sweet and was very delectable.

All of Vix Wix products are made with top quality soy wax and packed with fragrance.

Vix Wix Shortcake Wax Flakes Review

I used about a third of my bag of brittle in my oil burner and got about four tealights (16-20 hours) of fragrance out of it. I really love this scent and I’d say I’m gonna use the rest of it up fairly quickly.

I think Shortcake would be great scent to do some mixology with too as it’s quite neutral, I imagine it’d be so good with some berry type fragrances oooh or even a coffee scent. YUM!

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