The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles Review – July

The Melt Crowd is a monthly wax subscription box from Flamingo Candles. Each box contains eight delicious Scent Melts. The individual fragrances are a surprise – they include a combination of old favourites, current scents, new yet-to-be launched scents and scents exclusive to The Melt Crowd.

So what scents were in the July box?

The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles Review – July

Lavender & Chamomile

Sam – I love chamomile and chamomile scents, it’s such a natural, herby type fragrance, but unfortunately me and lavender just don’t mix well together. This does smell really true-to-life as if it was packed with fresh lavender and dried chamomile.

If you’re in need of some de-stressing or relaxation then this scent would definitely be the way to go.  I do hope that Flamingo Candles bring out some more chamomile based scents, that’d make my inner hippie super happy.

Sarah – This is lovely for those who like their clean scents, baby powder, linen etc. This is not me. My Aunt will love this and will try to tell me how much my sense of smell is broken. I won’t listen. 😛

Mojito CocktailFresh and zesty, Mojito opens with citrus top notes of lime, lemon and grapefruit, leading to a peppermint heart, resting on a musky background.

Sarah – I do love a mojito cocktail and I do like the scent but this English “summer” is really throwing me off. Definitely keeping this for when the weather improves, even if it’s just an hour of sunshine.

Sam – I’m not a fan of mojito cocktails purely because of all the mint in them, I don’t like fresh mint and just despise it on anything. I do love lime scents and citrus scents in general,this scent is like a crazy combination of the two. I don’t really know how I feel about it, I don’t hate it, I just don’t think I would purchase it. It’s very minty on a cold smell and the citrus comes through when it’s melting. It’s zingy and tingly in my nose!

Football Pitch

Sam – I honestly couldn’t tell you what a football pitch smells like, if I was to guess I would say fresh cut grass with sweaty manly undertones. 😆 This scent is a very greenery type fragrance, sort of like a green house with extra wood elements.

Sarah – I’m a little bit of a football fanatic (and all sports actually) so this one intrigued me because of the name. I wouldn’t say that it reminded me of football pitches… more like being outside and someone has just cut the grass and then there’s some laundry hanging out too. Think outdoor and clean but without the moths.

Violet & LimeSweet and floral, Violet & Lime is a delightful mix of green leaf, fruit notes, violet, lily resting on a base note of sandalwood.

Sarah – I don’t really know what to make of this one. I like it one minute and the next I’m so unsure about it. I just don’t think my nose likes the two scents together. I think this is a real marmite scent for me, like it or hate it… but I’m not sure which. I probably wouldn’t choose it next time.

Sam – I quite like this scent, it kind of reminds me of parma violets but with masculine elements in it; sorta like parma violets for grown ups.


Sam – Love this scent, it’s one of those addictive type fragrances, I could have it melting 24/7. It’s a lovely sweet cherry scent, with a little tang to it and I’m finding some nutty elements in it too, sorta like amaretto. It’s delicious!

Sarah – Hello beautiful, gorgeous, luscious smelling cherry. Oh how I’m in love with this scent. I’m a big cherry fiend so this instantly made me grin like I had a hanger in my mouth. It’s a delicate cherry scent at first, then there’s a more juicy middle with a real dark drooling end. Neeeeed more!

Orange Pekoe Tea

Sarah – Really surprised by this as I was so unsure seeing the name. But it’s a really relaxing scent, I always find orange really calming and with the tea too – heaven! This would be a great spa scent.

Sam – I was overjoyed to see this scent in my box, because I have a candle in the same scent that I haven’t had the heart to burn yet, now I can really enjoy the calming scent of Orange Pekoe Tea.

It’s a warm orange, citrus scent with herbal elements and hints of spice, quite an earthy aroma.  It’s a very comforting and soothing fragrance.

Salted Caramel & Pistachio

Sam – I’m a big salted caramel fan and I freakin love nutty aromas and pitashio in particular is such a unique one, so having the two combined is just amazing!

This is such a delectable scent and to me really shows what creative geniuses and master scent mixologists Flamingo Candles are.

Sarah – Yum. *Drools* YUM! I love eating and smelling salted caramel and adding nuts into the mix just makes me want to eat a salted caramel cheesecake with nuts on the top. Be warned – you will feel hungry with this!

Independence Day

Sarah – I got totally thrown by reading reviews of this box before mine arrived that had this as a floral scent… It’s not at all floral. It’s just fruit.

How did I describe it to Sam? Something like a fruit punch in the face with a candy smack! It reminds me of jelly beans and instantly makes me feel happy. It was a great scent choice for Independence Day!

Sam – If my box had’ve arrived with just one Independence Day scent melt in it, I honestly wouldn’t have even minded because this scent is just INCREDIBLE! You can ask Sarah, I haven’t shut up raving about this scent since I got it and I pray to the wax gods at Flamingo Candles to bring this out full time. I’m just obsessed.

Sarah is so right saying it’s like jelly beans, it really is, it’s sweet and tart, fruity and citrussy and just all kinds of yum.

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