My Two Favourite Garnier Products Right Now 

I’ve been particularly rubbish sustaining any sort of night routine with taking my make up off. I’ve had times where I’ve been really good with it and then forgotten about it. I’ve recently got back into bullet journaling again and made my skincare routine one of my habit trackers.

I bought the Garnier softening cleansing lotion and their soothing   vitamin-enriched toner when they were on offer in Boots (I’ve found out they are pretty much always on some kind of offer – winning!). 

The cleansing lotion has a slight cherry smell which I really like. I’m not fond of having anything too overpowering near my face. Especially as this can be used for waterproof make up. I was a little wary of how good it would be at removing waterproof mascara but it works really well and I don’t have to rub at my eye, which is always a plus.

Following up the cleansing lotion, I use the toner which I really like. That might sound strange but I’ve had so many toners over the years that have been perfumed overpowering, the bottle lids leak out too much product and generally just have not liked them. This one has no perfume, so always a winner. It’s really cooling and I’ve used it on slightly sunburnt skin and it’s really helped control the redness. It’s really improved my skin and this with the cleansing lotion on a continued basis have helped keep my skin clear.

I still get the odd breakout but that’s hormonal. I’m now onto my second bottles of each of these. I’ll be buying my third bottles soon to stock up and be ready.

Are there any other Garnier products that you recommend?

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