GROUNDED Body Scrub – Coconut Coffee Review

I’ve been wanting to try a coffee scrub for ages and then after a major splurge in Boots recently I finally bought one. I bought the Coconut Coffee scrub from GROUNDED.

From the Boots WebsiteIntroducing the new Grounded Body scrub with added extra virgin coconut oil. It’s the little tropical body scrub packed with the vitamins and minerals you need for gorgeously smooth skin. Its made with ground Robusta coffee beans so its rougher than your average scrub, with enough caffeine in to pack a punch. This body scrub contains brown sugar and himilayan rock salt to scrub away dry, dead or flakey skin leaving your skin extremely soft. This scrub leaves your skin moisturised and hydrated with vitamin e oil and cold pressed almond oil. Use me 3-4 times a week to keep skin looking healthy and smooth.

I know coffee isn’t for everyone and if you really don’t like the smell of it then don’t get one of these. I absolutely LOVE the smell of coffee. It’s a very uplifting scent for me, it’s great for Monday’s when you really need the kick up the wotsit to get on with it. I chose the coconut scent because I love how fresh that is on its own and I figured with the coffee it would be great too. I wasn’t wrong!

I really loved the packaging and the fact that it reseals itself. It’s not ideal for using in the shower because of it’s paper BUT I’ve used the scrub by putting a scoop of it onto a saucer. It’s no extra trouble at all.

As for the scrub itself, I was wary that it might be super abrasive on my skin. I don’t have sensitive skin at all but this was something that I wondered if I should have done a patch test first. No need to worry at all! Sure, it’s scrubbing your skin but it doesn’t feel painful or scratchy. If anything it feels quite weird because I think we all have the reaction of wanting to get anything that looks like dirt washed off our skin ASAP – haha!

Leaving it on your skin for ten minutes really does make a difference. When I’m shorter on time, even leaving it on my skin for 3 minutes makes a difference. My skin has dramatically improved, especially on my pimply  upper arms. I don’t use it every day, at the moment I use it every 3rd day just to give my skin a boost.

I’ve used about half a bag so far which has been great value for how much it has already improved my skin. I’ll definitely be repurchasing!

Have you tried any of these scrubs yet?

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