Colton Candles Twisted Fairytale Scent Shot Box Review

Colton Candles released their Scent Shot Boxes last month, they’re a great way to try new melts and save big.

At the start of each month Colton Candles release a new box containing nine different scents chosen from their collection of products as well as some new fragrances that are not available anywhere else.

Each melt comes in a cute plastic tub and lasts up to 20 hours. Their scent shots are dusted with glitter and sparkling fragranced crystals meaning you’ll get an extra burst of scent.

You can read my review of their June Scent Shot box HERE.

I was so incredibly happy when our friends at Colton Candles told me their theme for their July box and I jumped at the chance to review it; it takes you on an adventure through a Twisted Fairytale!

Colton Candles Twisted Fairytale Scent Shot Box Review

Y’all know I really love my glitter and sparkles and all things shiny and Colton Candles really out did themselves on this box, I squealed when I opened it! It was like it was just made for me, it’s so bright and colourful!

So what scents are in the July box?

Love Spell – This is a really girly and fruity fragrance. It has sweet fruit notes as well as some citrus elements. It’s wicked strong too, a very captivating aroma.

Fern Gully – When I saw this it brought back so many memories from my childhood, I was obsessed with the movie FernGully: The Last Rainforest (wanna feel about a hundred? That movie came out in 1992!) Fern Gully by Colton Candles smells like an exotic rainforest, it’s a real fresh, greenery type scent but there’s a lot more to it. It has some aquatic type elements and is really soothing and calming.

Forbidden Berries – This is a jam packed full of all kinds of berries type fragrance, it’s sorta sweet and sorta tart, it’s just lovely and I can detect some dark cherry elements in it which I LOVE! I think Forbidden Berries is a type of scent that everyone would love.

Angel Dust – You know that sorta incense and powdery scent that you get from Nag Champa products, well this scent kind of reminded me of that, but it has lots of citrus notes in it and some sweet floral notes too. It’s really unique.

Candy Hearts – This was the first scent I tried and I just LOVE it! It smells just like candy love hearts, it’s sweet and fruity and very zingy!

Colton Candles Twisted Fairytale Scent Shot Box Review - Candy Hearts

Violet Starlight – When it comes to violet scents, I automatically think of parma violets, this is like a grown up version of those, maybe like a fizzy, violet cocktail.

Dark Fairytale – Oh this scent is so unique! It’s like a deep, dark fruity scent with some musk and floral elements. Y’all know I don’t really like my floral scents but there’s something so intoxicating about Dark Fairytale, I’d so love this as a perfume.

Fountain of Youth – This is a really fresh, spa like scent, it kind of reminds me of a masculine cologne in some ways, I think as well as having aquatic type notes it has some woody elements in it, I think I can detect patchouli in it too.

Gingerbread House – I love, love, LOVE cakey and ginger scents, I expected this one to like a typical gingerbread scent but it’s as if it has candy elements in it too, like a real gingerbread house. I hope Colton Candles bring this scent out full time, it’s sweet and spicy and just delicious.

You can treat yourself to your own Twisted Fairytale Scent Shot Box HERE now!

Stay tuned for more Colton Candles reviews from us, but until then be sure to show them some love on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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