Primark Homeware Wish List

I do pop into Primark quite a bit, at least once a week. I spend my time mostly regretting taking the kids with me as I have a look around what’s new. We follow Primark on our Instagram pages for added inspiration to visit. Here’s my latest homeware wants (and needs!)

Don’t give up on your day dreams sign – Who doesn’t need inspirational quotes around the home? £3

Pineapple light – So frickin’ cute. £10

Cup with straw – I’m big on my homemade iced teas and coffees at the moment so I love these for when I’m at my desk (not) working. £3

Cushion – I always need another cushion! I love the colours in this and it would be great in our guest room. £5

Shower curtain – I don’t really need a new one but I love the summer fun feel to this one. Cute! £5

“S” light – What could be more perfect for Sam and Sarah!?! Other letters are available though. £8

Cactus photo holder – There’s a load of cactus themed products in at the moment. This one is cute for the bedroom. £1

Sweet Macaroon Candle – I’ve a love/hate relationship with their candles but recently the ones I’ve had have been great. This sounds amazing! £1.50

Unicorns sign – Firstly unicorns. Secondly… weird is definitely a side effect of awesome! £1.50

All of these were up on the Primark website now. We do find that some stores are slower to get the latest stuff so keep popping back in is our tip.

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