Plum and Patchouli Candle from Alice’s Cottage Review

I mentioned just recently how there weren’t a lot of plum based scents. But here’s another one, yay! I’ve already reviewed Raspberry Fool from Alice’s Cottage so check that review out too.

I was a little nervous at first with this scent as I’m not a lover of patchouli. I can find it very overpowering and heady. This plum and patchouli scent has a sweet patchouli smell so I was relieved.

“Decadent spices of cinnamon and clove are added to rich, opulent damson and plum and finished with sweet patchouli.”

It’s such a lovely scent, dark fruits mixed with the sweet patchouli really bring out the dark aspects of the fruits. I couldn’t really get the cinnamon but I could the clove. I love that this scent has a few layers to it, all build up the scent even more.

Really loved this and as I mentioned before this 100g tin for £4.50 is excellent value. I love their packaging and these would be great for gifts and to keep for yourself too. 😉 They really take me back to my childhood with the white rabbit on their packaging.

I’m totally intrigued by their hot cross bun candle!

You can read more about Alice’s Cottage HERE. Also check out their website, Facebook and Instagram!

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